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Kristen Bjorn - On the Prowl 1
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Men prowl the streets of Old Barcelona in search of hot sex, which is always available. Come see 13 of the world's sexiest hot men in 6 boiling hot scenes which will knock your socks off!

James and John met in London and now James is visiting John in his homeland.   The explosive chemistry that they found in London still persists on this visit and the guys can’t wait to get their hands all over each other.  Both men step into the shower to rinse off the city as they also begin to engulf each other’s throbbing uncut cocks.  Moving to the bed James squats down over John’s raw cock and it pierces his wet hole.  James pops on and off to feel the total pleasure of John’s long shaft sliding completely inside of him.  James then flips John and glides his rock hard cock deep into his hungry hole.  As James pounds away and John his balls have swollen to full capacity with his hot load, but James will not let him release the pressure just yet.   John is no longer able to repress his pleasures and blasts his thick creamy load.  James continues pounding away at John’s ass then pulls out shoots his first burst of cum then shoves his cock back in balls to the wall deep and unleashes his full load deep in John’s ass.

Mario stops on the street and asks Julio and Alex for a lite, he gets more than just a lite, he gets invited over. Alex and Julio brandish their huge, hard cocks as Mario drops to his knees and quickly consumes their cocks. Mario is infatuated with two muscle men’s cocks to worship and service. Alex fucks Mario’s face while Julio eats Alex’s huge ass. Flipping Mario over he spreads his ass open as Alex thrusts his slicked up cock raw and deep into Mario. Julio then steps up and rams his raw cock deep into Mario as he and Alex tag team Mario’s raw ass. Julio then sits down as Mario pounces on his cock from above and Alex feeds his fuck juiced cock to Julio. Mario loves grinding away at Julio’s cock deep inside his ass and Julio is unable to withhold his pleasures any longer and unleashes his hot load inside of Mario’s wet hole. Alex has been so turned on by all the action and sensation that he explodes his hot creamy load all over Julio’s lips, tongue and shoots the remainder of his load down Julio’s throat. Mario has also been turned on by the pleasure he has given his two tops that he also blows his load. Never be afraid to say hello to the hot stranger you are cruising on the street.

Tomas is hanging out at the port when Toby passes by, Toby is caught off guard by such a sexy, muscular man.  Toby stops and introduces himself and Tomas invites him over. Soon the clothes are stripped away and the guys are stroking each other’s hefty pieces of meat. Toby begins sliding up and down the long shaft of Tomas’ cock before Tomas takes control and fucks Toby’s throat long and deep. Tomas and Toby flip back and forth with their oral pleasures before Toby flips Tomas on his back and penetrates his tight hole.  Toby glides his long, hard, raw cock deep into Tomas’ hot pink hole.  Tomas then flips Toby and invades his hole as Toby squats down upon his raw cock.  Tomas slams away at Toby’s wet hole as his cock flops about and continues to grow harder with each thrust. Toby rips off a huge load of cum as Tomas continues his onslaught of hard ass pounding until Tomas showers his thick, creamy load all over Toby’s ass before re-inserting his cock and last drops of cum into Toby.

John and Manuel meet up for lunch then return to Manuel’s for some hot dessert.  Manuel quickly jumps on John’s long, hard uncut cock and swallows him whole. John takes full advantage of Manuel’s eagerness and pummels his throat with his cock. John then changes up and reciprocates the oral pleasure for Manuel. Once Manuel feels that his cock is well lubed he flips John and penetrates his ass with his raw cock. Manuel continuously teases John’s hole by pulling out and then ramming his cock full breadth inside of John’s ass. John then flips Manuel and rams his raw cock deep inside of Manuel’s wet hole. John feels that Manuel’s hole needs a little more lube so he pulls out and begins fucking Manuel with his tongue. John continues to plow away at Manuel’s ass until Manuel blows his wet and creamy load all over his ripped abs. John beefs up his pounding as he unleashes his hot load up Manuel’s hole and then felches his load from Manuel.

James is set up by two criminals that know how to spot a tourist and do the bump and snatch. They make off with his mobile phone, but James realizes in time and is in hot pursuit. Max and Angel are enjoying the photos that James has on his phone when James busts into the apartment and demands his phone. Max and Angle have other plans for James after seeing his photos. Both men force James to swallow their fat cocks. James works over both huge cocks before the guys strip him and begin tag teaming his uncut, fat cock. Max then forces James onto the table and rams his raw cock up James’ wet hole. Max and Angle tag team James’ raw hole, but Angle is unable to control himself and shoots his load all over James’ thigh and then shoves his cum drenched cock back into James’ ass. The guys then shove Angel into the middle and Max forces his cock into Angel’s hungry mouth as James rams his raw cock up his tight hole.  James probes in and out of Angel’s ass before he works up a huge creamy load and coats Angel’s hairy ass then James shoots the last of his load up Angel’s dripping hole. Max has been so turned on that he shoots a geyser that flies into the air and onto Angel’s face, lips and eventually down his throat. What’s on your mobile?

Juanjo has injured his ankle and calls his good friend Sergi to go to the pharmacy and get a wrap for him. Sergi arrives with bandage in tow and Juanjo wants to know what else he has brought him. Sergi unleashes his hard cock for Juanjo to suck on and forget his pain. Juanjo gives Sergi’s cock a complete servicing before he shoves his rock hard cock into Sergi’s voracious mouth. Juanjo then flips Sergi around and gives his pucker hole a hot tongue lashing before probing his ass with his tongue as well. With Sergi’s ass nice and wet, Juanjo slips his raw cock deep inside of Sergi. Juanjo plays with Sergi, teasing his hole with the head of his cock before driving his entire shaft deep inside his ravenous hole. Sergi then squats down onto Juanjo’s stiff cock and begins to ride him hard while his own cock is flopping up and down with heated anticipation. Sergi shoots his hot, creamy load all over Juanjo’s thigh as Juanjo picks up his rhythm of fucking. It’s not long before Juanjo erupts his thick load that Sergi sucks up into his ass and milks Juanjo for every drop. Do you have a good friend that is also your nurse when needed?
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