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All Worlds - Try Again
Lovers Sam Carson and Drew Andrews are fucking in their bedroom. The two go at it until Drew shoots his load and Sam quickly follows. They make out passionately... However, the fantasy quickly fades... and Sam is packing his things getting ready to move out. Before he goes he takes a picture of his ex Drew and throws it against the wall, smashing the frame.

Sam moves to a new town and he starts working in a TV repair shop to make ends meet. While he is working he meets a hot muscular Italian customer, Tony Piagi. The two start to flirt and when Sam delivers the fixed TV to Tony's house the action really heats up. Tony offers to give Sam a tour of the house. Before they can make it out of the kitchen the two men are tearing their clothes off of each other. Sam is quickly on his knees servicing Tony's fat Italian cock. Tony returns the favor eagerly swallowing every inch Sam's got to give. Sam eats out Tony's hairy ass crack and gets him so horny he's begging to be fucked. Tony bends over the counter and lets Sam go to town pounding away on his hot muscle butt.

Tony's brother Max Grand is a little stuck up and he thinks Tony can do better than Sam. Max however, doesn't have a problem with picking up sexy blue collar muscle daddy, Eduardo, and taking him home. Things get wild at Max's house where Eduardo ties him up and gets down to business fingering his hot muscled ass. Before long Max is moaning, prompting Eduardo to put a gag in his mouth while he dildo fucks Max's ass. After teasing him, Eduardo fucks Max and he doesn't stop until he's shot his load. Finally Eduardo flips Max over and jacks Max's cock until he shoots his own load... in the end Eduardo takes off, leaving Max tied up and covered in his own cum.

Max tells Sam that he doesn't have a future with his brother because sooner or later the sex is going to stop and then they will have nothing in common. Sam takes the news hard and stops returning Tony's calls, even though he can't stop thinking about him. Time passes and the two lovers run into one another at the local gay bar where Tony confronts Sam. Before Sam can set the record straight though, Tony introduces him to his new boyfriend Alex Kincaid. Looking to make Tony jealous Sam hooks up with Ethan-Michael Ayers at the bar and takes him home.

That night Tony goes home with his new boyfriend Alex and they go at it. Tony fucks his boyfriend long and hard, but it's not the same for him as it was when Sam was pounding his ass.

Back at his house Sam and Ethan-Michael get into it but Sam can't stop thinking about Tony. He lays back and takes every inch of Ethan-Michael's cock, but even a good hard fucking is not enough to get Tony off his mind.

In the end will Sam and Tony be able to get over Max's meddling in their relationship? More importantly will they be willing to try again?
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