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Studfist - Bubble Popping (Amerifist, Nils Jacobson)
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StudFist - Bubble Popping

Amerifist, Nils Jacobson

August 23, 2013

Duration: 37:34 is out with Amerifist popping his fists into Nils Jacobson’s ample bubble butt. Nils has had a bit of a body transformation since his last scene at (see my review of Smashed here). He has had a hair cut giving him a more masculine cut look, and has definitely put on some muscle including a bit more meat to his ass. I know Amerifist likes his bottoms to be all muscle and round, so you know this play session  is going to get Amerifist’s fists pumped for action. Nils is no shy boy either, he likes to be an active bottom, pushing his way onto Amerifist’s fists. The fisting play gets pretty deep in some parts. There is also some decent huge dildo play in this scene too, which is rare from a scene at
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