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Nights in Wilhelmsburg - The Trilogy - Nächte in Wilhelmsburg - 2005-2007
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3 German interconnected short sitcom films by Roman Deppe

Nächte in Wilhelmsburg - Die Trilogie

Directors: Monty Arnold, Roman Deppe
Actors: Miriam Reichelt, Florian Sachisthal, Nina Winkelmann, mehr
Language German with optional English subtitles (srt)

In Hamburg's worst district Wilhelmsburg live immigrant Turks and people with pit-bulls, but not gays. Or do they?

   1 Eine Nacht in Wilhelmsburg
   Martin has a crush on Murat, but doesn't know whether he's gay. Then Murat invites him over for dinner. Martin's buddy Christopher however is convinced, that Murat is a gay-basher as Murat lives in the worst part of Hamburg...

   2 The Lucio Fulci Experience
   Martin and Murat want to celebrate their first anniversary, but their friends and Murat's protective Mum do their best to make this a truly unforgettable evening...

   3 Das Haus am Anfang der Strasse
   Martin's friends Kay and Bernd want a baby, and looking for a surrogate mother. Martin unexpectedly makes a career as an advertising star, and Murat's sexy brother Can appears...

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