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Amazonia Capture (2007) AMG Brasil
analoralgeneral hardcorecondoms
Processed for widescreen.

director Dennis Bell

Alex Tentor
Danny Roddick
Leandro Caruso
Regis Rodrigues
Renzo Castelli
Ricardo Onça
Rick Ferraz
Rick Montoro
Yago Mendoça

Deep in the Amazon jungle, tribes of muscled Indian men have kept ancient rituals alive long before white man ever set foot on their land. When lost Buckshot Man Danny Roddick stumbles upon the tribe, he upsets the natural order of their ways. He is quickly captured and silenced in order to protect the sacred secrets of the Amazon. It's not long before Danny realizes that the natives are not only restless, they're horny as hell, and they have it out for him.

1. Danny Roddick, Ricardo Onça

2. Rick Ferraz, Renzo Castelli

3. Danny Roddick, Leandro Caruso

4. Danny Roddick, Yago Mendoça, Rick Montoro, Regis Rodrigues

5. Danny Roddick, Alex Tentor, Ricardo Onça
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