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Raging Stallion - Hard at Work
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It's been a long, hot summer and the men at Raging Stallion have been sweating like pigs to bring you the best in simmering no-nonsense male erotica. HARD AT WORK is the final major Chris Ward release of the summer 2003 season, and it is a sizzling example of why Raging Stallion Studios is now considered one of America's top producers of man-to-man erotica.
HARD AT WORK brings together everything that has placed Raging Stallion on the map: hairy men, chiseled chests, ripped muscles, beautiful smiles, gorgeous eyes… Huge, unwieldy cocks, deep holes that can't get enough….EXCLUSIVE STAR POWER: Shane Rollins, Michael Brandon, Tom Vacarro, Eric Evans… Newcumers and proven talent … And Carlos Morales to boot!

1. Carlos Morales, Shane Rollins

All Work And No Play? Not with with these guys! Scene one gets us off to a warp speed start: Imagine Latin Love Machine Carlos Morales sensuously sprawled across a broken motorcycle in a grungy, grease filled garage. His hole puckers in the air waiting to be filled. Now imagine Raging Stallion's exclusive discovery Shane Rollins cuming in to take Carlos for a test ride. The sparks start to fly as Shane plugs Carlos in revealing position after exploited position. Carlos is a muscle stud fuck hole and Shane Rollins shows us that behind his charming, boyish blond smirk lies a 9 inch rock hard powertool ready to service whatever cums along! You can't find porn hotter than this.

2. Tom Vacarro, Eric Evans

Scene two lets you in on a little secret: the reason Raging Stallion makes such great films is because all of us are sex pigs! Whether on a shoot or making sales calls, the staff here at the studio is OUT OF CONTROL! You can't blame us, though: with sex icons like Tom Vacarro and Eric Evans wandering around butt naked all the time, how are we supposed to concentrate on anything but getting relief? Watch as 2003 MAN OF THE YEAR Tom Vacarro (named by Men Magazine as the hottest man EVER in gay porn) takes a call in order that quickly deteriorates into filthy phone sex. Eric Evans cums in from the shipping room looking better than ever (Could HARD AT WORK be the finest film of his career?). With the call-in customer hearing the whole thing, Tom Fucks Eric from one end of the studio to the other--you can practically hear their ripping muscles roiling under their taut skin! This Hairy Hunk sextravaganza sets the new standard in movies that feature all-masculine man sex --no other studio does it better than this.

3. Tom Vacarro, Eric Evans, Brett Prince

When Tom and Eric cum all over the phone, you can practically feel the desperation on the other end of the line. After licking the spooge off the receiver, Tom gets ready to finish his phone order. To his depraved delight he discovers that the eager buyer lives only two blocks away! Still horny, he and Eric invite the panting customer to cum pick up his load of dirty movies. Blond new cummer Brett Prince (Casey Donovan reborn!) must have run both blocks at the first hint of Tom's enticing invitation--within 30 seconds he has two huge mandicks thrusting down his throat as he sucks for air (and a whole lot more!). Eric blows a second load and then heads back to work, leaving Tom to plug up any loose ends. Tom literally devours Blond Boy Brett's pucker, readying the silky smooth hole for a real drilling. Tom shines as never before as he thrusts his way through position after position before his throbbing nuts cream all over his own tight abs. Brett cums at the same time, an astounding climax for a first time movie star! Ahhhh….life at Raging Stallion Studios!!!

4. Michael Brandon, Michael Ray

It's back to the garage as GayVN Performer of the Year Michael Brandon splits open new cummer Michael Ray in a scene that will almost certainly get a nomination for Best Sex Scene. Director Chris Ward pushes the edge of the safety net by filming a scene in which condoms play almost no role. Indeed, the master director has discovered a way to make condoms practically invisible! It is all safe, but you, the viewer, don't have to see it! This fuck scene may change the way all gay videos are filmed! Yes, another remarkable achievement from the twisted minds at Raging Stallion.
Michael Ray fits right into the dank setting of a grease pit. He is one of America's true sex pigs (A former Mr. LA LEATHER, Ray finally makes his video debut after years of being courted by other video companies). When Director Chris Ward decided to pair Ray with Michael Brandon, he knew that he had to film something spectacular for the HARD AT WORK grand finale. Rather than set up the usual orgy, he decided to focus on Brandon's enormous cock and Ray's unstoppable ass hole. KA-POW!!!! You have to see this mind-boggling fuck to believe it. This is why Michael Brandon is the Top Performer working today! This is why Chris Ward is one of America's Top Directors. And this is why Raging Stallion Studios is shaping the future of Gay Erotic Entertainment!
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