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[BeefCakeHunter] Slow fucked by Beefcake Christian
Description - Slow fucked by Beefcake Christian was practically a miracle production! First, because even if he was willing after our first shooting, he got in big trouble with his current girlfriend after she found out about our “adventure”. Second, because the challenge that it represented to him doing it, after all he has never fucked a guy before! What a situation here at BCH Land! Lol.
Beefcake Christian is still working as a construction worker and he is going to be dad soon, so he never disregarded the possibility of performing for us again, and I am really happy because he is sexy as hell. He has a beautiful cock and most important, I love his personality, he is so easy going and let’s say more professional than the average Beefcake…
At the hotel, I was kind of his therapist, listening to the problems he is facing, he really needed to vent some of the stress, and we know exactly how to do that, right Hunters? After that, we were supposed to do a very sensual shower scene, but the shower in that particular room did not cooperate at all. So, it ended up being kind of funny situation, when poor thing Beefcake Christian dealt with too cold and too hot water! Ouch! Sorry, it was not my intention!
But nothing ever changed his chill attitude and readiness to please us, and soon I was on my knees taking care of that wonderful “tool”. I learned that this sexy dude really loves a blowjob/hand job servicing. Yeah, the reactions when I was massaging the middle section of his cock was amazing!
Something that really surprised me was that while spurring some lube on my ass he started fingering me, I did not ask him for that, believe me! And a bigger surprise for me was, while editing the video I can see how he closes his eyes while doing it, wow! I think he was using all his mental resources to “make believe” it was a pussy, lol!
We tried a couple of times, but it did not work, but after he began to pound my ass slowly, it went into the right direction. Getting Slow fucked by Beefcake Christian couldn’t be more pleasurable when I experienced the growing beast inside my hole. Once he got it right, the pounding was merciless, hard and fast, I got carried away by his moaning and I whispered his name a couple of times. Until now I don’t understand if he meant to cum inside me or he was so into it that he forgot to take off the condom and shoot outside, that was good moment! I hope you guys enjoy this Slow fucked by Beefcake Christian video!
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