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ChaosMen - 2282 - Lorenzo & Michael Mission serviced (720p)
Release date: April 10, 2019

Video Number: 2282

We went all out with butt-plugs and dildos in this video!

We learned during his solo that Michael Mission does love to have his ass played with. He also likes to be a little dominated when with a guy.

He doesn't seem to have many limits, and Lorenzo does a great job taking him through his paces.

They start by kissing, but soon Lorenzo makes him suck his cock, fingering his ass as he sucks.

After rimming Michael's hole, Lorenzo then starts with a blue butt-plug. First, he makes Michael suck it and get it wet before sliding it in and out of his hole. While this plug looks interesting, we found out it just wouldn't stay in place on its own.

Lorenzo grabs for a black plug and easily slides it in to him. Having successfully plugged his boy, he goes back to having his dick sucked.

Lorenzo then starts sucking on Michael's cock, and while they 69 suck, Michael slips a plug into Lorenzo's hole. Both guys are officially plugged!

They next try a double-ended dildo. Lorenzo works it into Michael first, then his own hole. He keeps a grip on it as they ride it doggie-style. Lorenzo pushes it in and out of both their holes.

They both get on their backs and fuck each other with the dildo.

Michael cums first, easily nutting while they both thrust the dildo into each other. Lorenzo blows a huge load next, and it looks amazing!

Lorenzo then straddles Michael's chest and make him clean his cock.
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