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Satyr Films - Savages
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Savages is our latest gangbang where we got some past favorite Satyrs along with a couple of new inductees.  We have taken a liking to straight stud Gianni as we have used him in several scenes in the last few months.  Wait till you see what Rock does to him in the final scene of the DVD.  The Savages Director’s Cut version is only available on the Satyr Films membership site.  On the Member’s site you will find exclusive footage that is available online in Download To Own and as viewable scenes with a Satyr membership.

Scene 1:
In the Savages gangbang, we abducted Gianni off of the street and brought him into the Satyr lair where we proceeded to fuck him every which way but loose.  TJ was already waiting for the men with a stainless steel hook keeping him locked in place.

One by one the men each plow their Satyr cocks deep into Gianni’s and TJ’s mouths and holes.  In the Director’s Cut version Gianni is tied up and fucked to exhaustion. The guys then moved over to Men’s Room where they proceed to shove gigantic dildos up Rock’s beautiful asshole.  Rock takes it like a real man.  And by a real man we mean one who yells and screams with each thrust of the massive dildos and hard cocks.

The fucking goes on and on.  TJ gets some especially brutal attention with some Ass To Mouth action and some good old Satyr throatfucking.

The Satyrs move over to the locker room where continue the ass pounding.  Luke gets it from both ends on the lazy susan while TJ is getting it on the fuck swing.  Rico S. is getting his hole licked by Gianni and Gabriel on the Rim Chair.  Rock is getting his hole stretched in preparation for the insertion of an 18-inch stainless steel chain.  He screams in agony as the chain goes in one link at a time.  His hungry hole sucks in the chain to the last link.

In the Director’s Cut (available online only) Rock gets fisted by Gabriel while alternately being fucked and throatfucked.  The guys reach a frenzy and all shoot their loads into Gianni’s mouth and hole.

The guys return to Rock where they stretch his hole open with nine fingers.  His gaping manhole is opened to 3 inches wide.  TJ finally shoots his load into Rock’s quivering fuckhole as he lies completely spent from the 3-hour ass assault.

Scene 2:
Gianni has been going through some rough times with his girlfriend.  She has a pretty good job and has been able to keep up her end of the bargain with regards to paying the bills.  Gianni, on the other hand, has been jumping from job to job trying to find his niche.  He answered our ad for straight guys in need of some cash.  We wanted to pair him up with Rock to see what would happen.

Incredible is the only word that describes the scene between Gianni and Rock.  Rock did a number on Gianni that has to be seen.  Rock begins with his signature throatfucking.  Gianni gasps and gurgles as his throat goes into defense mode attempting to sustain the gullet attack.  His eyes bulge and tear up as Rock’s thick cock goes in and out without relent.  Gianni expurgates from deep within his being as his body trembles and quivers from the ramrod penetrating to his very soul.

Rock wastes no time in shoving his cock into Gianni’s tight butt hole.  He writhes and tightens his muscular frame but to no avail.  Rock brutally fucks Gianni to the point to where his face almost becomes unrecognizable.  What was once a beautiful man has now become a whimpering, groaning wreck.  His eyes are bloodshot and his face is swollen from the intense ass fucking.

Rock taunts Gianni as he coniinues to fuck him in every position possible.  Gianni has finally had enough so Rock shoots his thick, creamy load deep into Gianni’s gut.  The cum oozes out and Rock tenderly pushes it all back in.

Gianni must now go to his girlfriend and give her his share of the bills.  If she only knew what he had to endure to get it.

Scene 3:
Luke is hot, straight stud that we met in Phoenix. He was working as a security guard at a hotel that we were staying in. We threw a lot of money at him and convinced him to come to LA to become a Satyr. He has a girlfriend who believed that he was going to LA to audition for a part in a movie.

We of course did give him the part of being throatfucked by Rock. He agreed only if we would not let his girlfriend know and he could throatfuck Rock in what we believe was really a revenge throatfuck. Rock wasted no time in opening Luke's straight throat. Luke clearly struggles as Rock stuffs his fat cock down Luke's throat. Luke is gasping for air as he attempts to accommodate our Satyr's thick, juicy member.

Rock pushes Luke to the very limits. Luke's eyes reveal the agony that he must be feeling on so many different levels. His virgin throat is being ruthlessly violated and he must believe that his manhood is on the line. But the money is so good that he never once cries "uncle". Rock shoots his load and releases poor Luke from the Satyr attack.

Length: 1:20:47
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