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Mother Tuckers: Drag Queens of Glasgow - Documentary (720p)
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Just 40 years ago it was illegal to be gay in Scotland (UK), now the country is a leader in LGBTQ+ rights - and Glasgow is home to a thriving drag scene.

This characterful documentary takes a glimpse behind the make-up, wigs and corsets to find out what it takes to live a life in drag, why people do it and the daily battles drag queens still face. The film follows three queens at different stages in their drag careers over the course of six months.

Barbara La Bush, the self-proclaimed ‘oldest queen in Glasgow’, represents traditional end-of-the-pier drag. She must come to terms with ailing health and the insecurity of a working life spent on the clubs and pubs circuit.

Lawrence Chaney, part of the instagram generation of highly looks-focused performers, seeks approval from a mainstream culture that is out of her comfort zone.

And new queen, Voss, must battle the prejudices that come with a job in the merchant navy as well as gain parental acceptance.

Mother Tuckers: Drag Queens Of Glasgow gives a real insight into a thriving subculture. It features the incredible creativity of these talented and outrageous performers as well as their bravery and resilience as they fight for the right to be who they are in a story that is by turns both hilarious and deeply moving

Length: 58 minutes
Broadcast: Tue 16 April 2019
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