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Treasure Island Media - Legendary Stud: Brad McGuire
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Men love having their cocks worshipped. When you've got a cock like T.I.M. stud BRAD MCGUIRE's thick, veiny, uncut dick, bottoms literally line up to do it. This second release in our series devoted to immortalizing the cockstuds of T.I.M. is complete cockworship start to finish.

1. Billy Wild, Brad McGuire, Lee Clifford, Johnny Red, Ross X., Tom Sawyer

Among the others who take a turn stretching-out BILLY WILD's hole are Chicago's Brad McGuire, Lee Clifford, Ross X, Johnny Red and a whole group of horny dog-men. Tom Sawyer is one of a couple of guys who take on the task of licking BILLY clean after his hole's been fucked. Throughout the day, Billy takes on anyone who want a piece of his fine All-American ass and ends up about as thoroughly and completely fucked as any man I've known.
And that's when we brought in alpha-male Will West.
Will lovingly gives BILLY an over-the-top bridge-burning fuck (the likes of which you won't often see even in my videos). There's real connection, real passion between these two men. Finally, Will gets Billy to double over and shoot his load into his own mouth. Then Will shoots a big pool of cum on Billy's raw and worn-out manhole, massaging it deep inside Billy with his dick. Will laps up the remaining dribbles of his own sperm, bringing Billy's wild ride to a close.

2. Perfect Fuck (TIM1)  

Once in a while we capture a man-on-man fuck so intense and so connected that the chemistry can only be described as perfect. When Max hooked up ALBERT VICTOR (fresh from work with a mainstream porn company) with TIM exclusive BRAD McGUIRE, he didn't know what to expect.
The result was one of those connections that we've all experienced—but rarely. Max tells me the camera literally fogged up from the raw-heat generated by this scene.

3. Two Bulls: Jerry Stearns and Brad Mcguire  

Juiced up by DAN FISK, IAN was hot and ready to cross the line. His hole had been primed and pumped, and he was ready for a serious two- stud fuck session.
Our resident fuck-slave WILL helped Ian warm up tops BRAD MCGUIRE AND JERRY STEARNS. And he gets a nice get-go reward when BRAD shoves his fingers up IAN's hole and feeds WILL DAN FISK's jizz, still warm and tasty from a few hours before.
It's a true pleasure to watch two world-class cocksmen like BRAD and JERRY break in a fresh and willing colt. And by the end of this session IAN was definitely getting a feel for what was in store for him. No turnin' back now...

4. Saturday Evening: Raping Brad's Cock  

Honestly, when we started this weekend we didn't know if The Stud was going to make it through. But when we got to the second hotel room, Brad learned that a gang of four bottoms wanted to use him like a living dildo. And he was off like a racehorse.
Franco Dax told us he'd always wanted to use a mega-hung dude like a personal sextoy. Along with his jizz-hungry slut-bottom buddies Ian Jay, Chris Neal and Toby James, Franco managed to hit PAYDIRT !
Brad happily lay down on the bed, dick-up, and one by one the lust-fired slack-jawed dicklovin' quartet rode his cock like a wild buckin' horsey. All this with Brad sportin' a big ol' grin, happily letting these cock-hungry whores use his oversized endowment again and again. Everyone reached a very spermy satisfaction indeed.

5. Brad Mcguire and the Dog-Slave  

After his break-him-in group fuck (scene 1), TIM's sex-slave dog-boy WILL begged me for the chance to experience BRAD MCGUIRE's legendary uncut veiny cock. Like a bitch-dog in heat he needed that studshaft up inside him. How could I say no?
The session brought out the mean, dominant streak in BRAD's sexual nature. He had WILL lick the bottoms of his filthy boots, suck on his sweaty socks. And then he fucked him like a god would fuck a dog. And WILL is way beyond grateful: he squeals and moans like a caged fuck-ninny drilled straight to Whore's Paradise.
Later WILL told me that this was the most profound experience of his dissipated and fucked-up life.

6. Day 1 - On the Stairs  

It took just fifteen minutes from the time he got off the boat on Fire Island for DAWSON to hunt down super-stud BRAD McGUIRE. Max had to scramble and grab his camera lickety-split : the chemistry between these two was like spontaneous combustion. BRAD is a big fan of DAWSON, and the sparks fly when Brad gets his huge uncut piece of throbbing big-veined meat up "America's Favorite Fuck-Hole" for the first time ever.
Brad marks his territory when he shoots a thick load up DAWSON'S butt, claiming the legendary bottom-man as his own. The connection is one of those once-in-a-lifetime light-up-the-sky fucks, with BRAD pounding that hole until the sluttiest ass-lips in the world are all swollen, pouty, gaping and drippin' sperm. BRAD shot such an epic load that DAWSON swears it was all the lube he needed for the entire weekend !
Exclusively in this DIRECTOR'S CUT version : Brad traps his cum in Dawson's hole using a buttplug funnel and then seasons his load with a gallon of steaming hot piss fresh from the spigot . . .

7. Christian, Brad and Ben  

Brad McGuire is one of the finest tops I've ever had the privilege of working with. What can I say? The man is a born stud. And when he caught a glimpse of new T.I.M. exclusive bottom-boy Christian — well, in no uncertain terms I was told that Brad wanted a piece.
And Christian was more than willing. I got them together and tossed sexy daddy Ben Archer into the mix to spice things up. The result is a lust-driven three-way that leaves Christian dripping cum from both ends, with McGuire sperm swimming around way deep inside him.

8. Sunday Afternoon: Brad Fucks an Entire Sex Club  

The final day of BRAD'S 20-HOLE WEEKEND we threw our one-of-a-kind buttfuck party in a local sex club. NINE holes lined-up wiggling and jouncing and juice-hungry, just itching for a chance for Brad's own hard-niner to slide up inside 'em. Fueled-on by always receptive ass-pucker of T.I.M. Exclusive Christian, Brad worked each hole one after the other: Dick Damonson, Steve Gregor, Ivan, Javier, Judd, Robby Lopez, Marcelo Masko and Toby Shelby.
"I have a saying," The Stud told us. "I fuck with my cock, not my eyes. If it has a hole, I'll fuck it." Brad takes on every kind of man, proving just how totally insatiable his all-dominant dick can be.
EVERY hole in the joint gets a fine workout from The Cock, with all of 'em ending up gaping and pouty and longing for the big one to slide in deep again. All of 'em get to ride the thick-veined bigboy, but only one gets the joyjuice. Which bottom takes Brad over the top?

9. Thursday: Hungry Holes  

Brad McGuire pounds Alan Gregory, JC Cole, Conrad Stevens and Shane West.
Four hungry bottoms compete for Brad's cock, all hoping for a hit of his dickslime - and somehow Brad manages to give it to all of them ! The bottoms line up, pile up, fall all over each other to get that big cock up their asses. And Brad slides it balls-deep to every single one of them.
Amazingly, after Brad uses their holes to get himself off, he keeps fucking each one of the whimpering bottoms, bringing them one-at-a-time to rocking orgasms. This is how it's done.

10. Brad McGuire Fucks Jay Ross  

JAY ROSS, exclusive T.I.M. bottom, knows how to milk a load out of the biggest cocks and the roughest tops. That said, BRAD MCGUIRE still pushed him to his limits with that thick veiny cock as he make Ross whimper like a rawfuck virgin.
It's official: MCGUIRE's monster meat makes even the most experienced bottoms weak after just one balls-deep breeding session.

11. Brad Gets a Tattoo  

BRAD MCGUIRE, with his insatiable drive to plow tight holes, was already part of the T.I.M. cult, but there was one last thing he had to do: get the TIM-cult tattoo. In this bonus scene you get to glimpse BRAD's permanent marking as an infamous T.I.M. stud.

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