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William Higgins - Str8Hell - Fero Seran - HOT ASS
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Released 28/5/2019

Fero Seran is such a hot guy. In this hot ass scene we see him sitting in the exam chair with his legs in the stirrups as he wanks on his rock hard cock. That dick is so hard in his hand as a helping hand arrives and takes control. The hands run over Fero's hot body before pulling the underwear off that hot ass. That exposes Fero's hole nicely. Oil is dripped onto his throbbing cock and it is rubbed all over. Fero rubs his chest as his oily cock is wanked. That dick stays so hard as the hands wank it and feel over his hot body. Then the hands rub over Fero's hot hole too. A finger starts probing teh tight hole, pushing inside as the cock is wanked. That hole is probed deeply by the finger and Fero's cock is wanked too. His face shows just how much he feels that finger in his ass hole as he pulls on his dick. Every movement of the finger elicits a full expression on his face. Then Fero turns over, onto his knees, reaching back to spread the cheeks. A vibrator is pushed into the hot hole too and then the finger goes in again. A thicker toy is then introduced to that hot hole and pushes deep inside. It fucks in and out of that hole opening it up good. Sitting again, legs in stirrups, Fero wanks his rock hard cock as a new toy is rubbed up and down against his hole. The toy pushes into that ass hole adn starts fucking as Fero keeps wanking hard on his dick. His handsome face continues to show how much he is feeling the toy in his ass. His dick stays rock hard throughout. Then the toy is removes adn Fera continues wanking as the hands run all over his sexy chest. Fero keeps wanking hard and then pushes that big cock forward as it releases a huge cumshot, the hot cream shooting everywhere and also coating that big cock head.His hand is coated in sticky cum too as he milks the cock dry.
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