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Corbin Fisher - ACM2294 - Devon
When Devon first walked up, I thought he seemed a little conservative and definitely clean-cut, but then he told me his favorite activity is walking around shirtless at raves and concerts! Once his clothes came off, seemingly clean-cut Devon is revealed to have a bunch of sexy tattoos, toned muscles, and an amazing ass - he’s definitely the kind of guy you can take home to mom and dad, but also to a sweaty, frenetic club!

He’s not shy at all about showing off for the camera and his nice cock definitely proves to be drool-worthy. The more he shows off the more he gets into it and his exhibitionist streak is certainly a plus around here at CF!

“That’s the most I’ve ever cum!” he exclaims, after going off like a geyser on himself. And if that’s what he can work himself up to by himself, we can’t wait to see him get a little assistance!
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