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William Higgins - Str8Hell - Tony Milak - HOT ASS
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Released 11 June 2019

Tony Milak looks so good as he sits in the exam chair, wearing just his underwear. He reaches into the underwear to grope himself as a helping hand arrives. The hands run over his sexy body and grope the underwear too. A hand reaches inside to feel Tony's cock and balls. Tony's cock slips out the side of the underwear and is then pulled out of the waistband as the hands continue to explore the sexy body. His balls are pulled out too and the cock has the skin pulled back. The underwear is removed leaving Tony fully naked. That cock starts to swell as the hand works on it, using oil too. Tony's legs are then placed in the stirrups to expose his tight ass hole as he wanks his cock, making it rock hard. That cock is huge when hard and looks good as the hands rub over the sexy ass and a finger probes the tight hole. That finger slips deep into the hot hole and starts to gently fuck it. The finger continues to fuck that hot ass hole as Tony wanks himself. With that hole loosened enough two fingers slide deep inside and fuck hard. Then three fingers go into the hole opening it really well. A nice fat vibrator then fucks into that hot hole and Tony loves how it feels. That toy fucks the hot ass deep as he continues to wank his big cock. After that ass has been fucked a while he turns over, onto his knees and reaches back to spread the ass cheeks and show off his hole. The hand pull the cock back between his legs and wank on it. Then oil is dripped onto Tony's hole and a dildo rubs over it before sliding deep inside as his cock is wanked. That toy goes all the way into the eager hole and stays in place. Then the ass pushes it out a little and the toy is removed before being pushed all the way inside again.Tony loves how it feels and tell the hands to fuck him. The toy fucks that hot ass hole and the pulls out to show the open hole. Tony then turns over and wanks his cock hard and fast until he shoots his load.
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