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BreedMeRaw - Bishop Angus and Jackson Reed
Jackson Reed loves his job. He is a pool boy for rich men in Las Vegas. However, he does like to get paid for all his hard work. After cleaning Bishop Angus's house pool, he goes into the kitchen to ask Bishop for the $500 he now owes him. Bishop doesn't deny he owes him the money but says he can't pay with credit card and has no cash, but he could make a deposit up his hot jock ass if he would like. Jackson knows how to play the system, so he gladly takes Bishop's thick daddy cock in both his holes and gets the load that he always had wanted. But when it was done, he told Bishop he will come back and collect the $500 later!


[Very nice finish by Bishop where he breeds completely hands-free while balanced precariously on a kitchen block in the downward dog position. One slip of the foot and it could have been game over, but he has muscles even in his toes. Jackson Reed's cumshot is probably faked.]
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