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Titan Men - Command Post - Scene 2 - Dirk Jager & Dean Flynn
Starring: Dean Flynn , Dirk Jager  
Movie: Command Post
Studio: TitanMen

Later that night inside the main tent, TitanMen exclusive Dean Flynn gets a message from HQ: Rendezvous tomorrow at 1500 hours, which means he’s alone with TitanMen exclusive Dirk Jager until then, and what better way to pass the time than to get boned by the shaved-head stud and his massive cock? Dean quickly peels down Dirk’s camo fatigues to reveal his rockhard cock waiting for his warm mouth. Dean tugs on Dirk’s foreskin, running his tongue and finger between the rim and the head of his cock. With his hand on the back of Dean’s head, Dirk thrusts his cock deep down into Dean’s face. With each forcible thrust from Dirk’s chiseled core, his cock goes deeper and deeper down into Dean’s throat, leaving him gasping for air. Dirk returns the favor on Dean’s long cock, easily deep-throating it until Dean’s balls, covered in spit, are pinned tight against his chin. They work each other up, staring deeply into each other’s eyes, until they both shoot their loads all over each other. Dean goes outside to untie the tent flaps and Dirk comes up from behind and spreads his ass open. Back arched, Dean moans in delight as Dirk goes to town on his muscle-butt, spitting on his hole and working it up and down with his darting tongue. Dirk lubes up a finger with his spit, then works it in. He slowly gets two, then three, then almost his entire fist into Dean’s unstoppable ass (all the while, Dean’s dick remains rock hard). After putting on a condom, Dirk quickly starts diesel-fucking Dean who can barely hold himself up against Dirk’s intense anal attack. They move onto a bunk where Dirk continues to aggressively fuck Dean doggy style, burying his cock as deep as it can possibly go into him. Finally, he flips Dean over so they can be face-to-face while they shoot their loads onto Dean’s pecs and abs.
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