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Speechless 2012 BluRay 1080p x265 10bit S2AM
Speechless 2012 BluRay 1080p x265 10bit

Astonishingly complex, melodramatic, seductive and nuanced, this third gay feature from director Simon Chung is cleverly structured and unpredictable. As it unwinds, it will render you Speechless.

An intoxicating, sexy story, Speechless opens on a riverbank, where we meet a nameless, naked man. Refusing to speak, and seemingly unaware of his surroundings, he is taken to a local police station, and then to a hospital where it seems that only the young hospital assistant can get through to him. Soon the two men form a strong alliance, which becomes increasingly sexual. As the beguiling stranger’s predicament verges into dangerous territory, the pair’s bond becomes crucial for his survival. Mysterious, exotic and always riveting, Speechless is not to be missed.

Simon Chung’s assuredly crafted Speechless, with its strong cast, ethereal setting and intricately woven storyline, is not to be missed. Love can speak louder than words.


Subtitle:English,Chinese[Soft & SRT]



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