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Joe Gage - Heatstroke (1982)
analoralgeneral hardcorepre-condom
director Joe Gage

Bud Wallace
Casey Donovan
Clay Russell
Clinton Coe
Joe Gage
John Steele (80s)
Richard Locke
Richard West (80s)
Roy Garrett
Suzanne Tyson
Bob Shane - Non-sexual role

Rory tells the story of cowboys on a weekend trip to the rodeo but one guy must stay behind on the ranch. This much man sex in this environment may be fanciful but the dialog and the delivery help make it convincing.

1. Roy Garrett solo

2. Richard Locke, Clay Russell

3. Clinton Coe, Casey Donovan

4. Bob Shane nonsex, John Steele (80s), Bud Wallace

5. Roy Garrett, Richard West (80s)

6. Rory and Shep get into a fight. Naturally that leads to an orgy with the whole crew.

Note: This film is not on DVD. I picked up a file digitized from a VHS tape which was all green. I have fixed the color as best I could.
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