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Special Delivery 2007 576x432 1h29m46s AVI 1.17 GBs

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Title: Special Delivery
Runtime: 90 minutes
Stars: Yiphan,Norasak, Choochart, Anuchar, Phamorn, Saranyo
Director: John Hayman

Description: There's a knock at the door. It's cute delivery boy, Yiphan, and Norasak eagerly lets him in. Seems there's a gift that needs to be signed for but Norasak can't wait and rips open the package to discover a large economy size box of condoms. "Who sent this?" "Don't know, I just deliver." Well, in no time Norasak convinces the young man to try them out with him. A fun evening is had by all as they each do more than try out condoms. Choochart is directing hunky-huge-dick Anuchar as they move furniture around the living room. It's tedious heavy work and Choochart can't make up his mind. Finally having had enough, the hunk throws his cute insufferable director on the couch and screws the hell out of him. Well, every one seems to have a pretty good time after all. Another delivery, this time by solid Phamorn who lugs a huge bag of rice into Saranyo's breezeway. Well, um, seems studly caught his customer a little short of cash and well, what are we going to do? Saranyo doesn't give the guy much chance and before you know it they are upstairs going at each other with vigor. You should hear Saranyo carry on as Phamorn gets his money's worth!

Sex Acts: Anal Sex, Rim Job, Multiple Pops, Oral Sex, Fondling, Male On Male Action, Blowjob
Positions: Standing Doggy Style, Side Saddle, Missionary, Laying, Kneeling, Doggy Style, Reverse Cowgirl
Settings: Bedroom, Living Room

2257 Compliance
Movie Title: Special Delivery
Production date: 2007-02-03
Studio: Island Caprice Studios

Custodian Of Records Information:
Island Caprice
711 E. Walnut St. Suite 211
Pasadena, CA
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