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Trbal Pulse/Pau Brasl Productions - Beauty Prison
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"Director Pietro has assembled a cast of hot Brazilian studs who love nothing more than pumping iron... and each other! Each ass-pounding scene features beautiful bodies, hot guys, and big cocks made to be slapped against hungry mouths and eager holes."

1. Gustavo Moreira OgAbRr, Alan Bueno OrAtRg
After a sweaty session of pumping iron, these two studs retire to the showers, but they aren’t ready to wash away all that man sweat just yet! As soon as they find themselves alone, Gustavo drops to his knees in the shower stall and takes a hold of Alan’s thick, uncut cock. Alan is definitely one guy who’s not afraid to take what he wants, and just pumps it right into Gustavo’s open mouth. Luckily, Gustavo’s a total pro, and takes that cock all the way down to the root as Alan’s slams it right to the back of his throat! After Alan’s had enough deep-throating, he decides that it’s time get Gustavo’s ass ready for a good hard fucking, and ready it is by the time Alan’s done rimming and fingering it.
With his ass nice and wet, Gustavo spreads his cheeks wide open to take Alan’s cock deep inside, and Alan wastes no time slipping it into that tight little hole.
What follows can only be described as Grade A Superstar Fucking. Alan shows no mercy as he slams his amazingly thick cock inside Gustavo, in just about every position imaginable. Alan goes wild, slapping and fucking Gustavo’s ass until he shoots his wad all over Gustavo’s chest, in long creamy spurts. Every good workout should end like that!

2. Leo (Sebastian) OrAt, Caio Perón OgrAb, Apolo Max OgrAb
Leo’s a personal trainer at the gym, and he knows how to sculpt hard, hot bodies. He also knows how to bend them over and fuck them silly! The intense workout has the guys so hot they have to take off their shirts to cool off. One look at their hard, toned bodies and it’s no surprise that the workout quickly turns into a threesome. Caio’s the first down on his knees to take Leo’s thick cock in his mouth, but Apolo’s not far behind, and takes over the cock-sucking duties. Apolo dives right in, attacking both of the throbbing cocks bouncing in front of his face. It’s all he can do to catch his breath as he hungrily swaps back and forth between the two studs, sucking both of their rods for all he’s worth.
Caio was the first down on his knees to take Leo’s cock in his mouth, and he makes sure he’s also the first to take it in his ass. It’s obvious that Caio’s sweet little hole’s not used to something quite so huge, but it’s just as clear that he loves every minute of it!
As Caio squirms and stretches to accommodate the girth, incredibly he still has enough focus to suck Apolo’s tasty cock. Apolo’s not content to just get blown though, and it’s not long before Leo’s pounding his ass good and hard. Just when you think the action couldn’t get any hotter, the guys form a daisy chain, and lucky Caio’s the man in the middle, giving and receiving in the tasty man-sandwich! After good hard dicking all around, the cum starts to fly until they’re all drained to the last gooey drop.

3. Felix Lins OrAt, Tommy Castelleri OgAb
Felix is helping young Tommy get into shape, and shows him quite a few different ways to work his body, but things inevitably heat up and Felix decides he’s going to show Tommy his favorite way to work out: with his cock! Tommy strips the young apprentice down even though Felix plays a little reluctant at first. Tommy’s not fooled though, despite Felix’s words of protest, there’s no ignoring the fact that he lets himself get lowered to the floor. He also doesn’t protest too much when Tommy slides off his shorts and starts to work his firm young ass. Before you know it, Felix is on all fours, ass wide open, with his big cock and balls bouncing in time to Tommy’s eager thrusting. By the time Tommy’s finished pounding Felix’s juicy bubble butt, there’s not a dry spot in the house!

4. Roque Gaucho OrAtRg, Yuri (Bryan) OgAbRr
Rock is every inch his name. This star trainer has the bod to make any man get instantly hard, so it’s no surprise that Yuri eagerly accepts when Rock makes a move after their training session. After he helps Rock out of his clothes, Yuri drops to his knees to gobble Rock’s gorgeous dick, and what a sound it makes as Rock slaps it all over Yuri’s eager mouth! Rock doesn’t even bother to take off Yuri’s jockstrap before he settles in to tongue the tasty manhole. Spreading his spit all over it, and working his finger inside, Rock knows it’s going to be a tight fit, but he’s determined to have Yuri’s ass. His cock twitching in anticipation, he slowly eases it in to Yuri’s hole, stretching it until his cock is all the way in. He’s not gentle for long though, as he soon quickens the pace, and works Yuri like a pro! Rock’s thick muscular thighs and ass flex beautifully with each thrust, driving deeper and deeper into the tight little bottom, until he can wait no longer and magnificently explodes all over Yuri’s sweat soaked chest.

action notes:
O=Oral; A=Anal; R=Rim; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top;

Run Time: 1:14:36
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