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Treasure Island - Anarcock Private Tape
oralanalbarebackFisting Solo-play DildoSex-pigsfetishSkinhead
Massimo & Pierce are visual and performance artists and like to fuck on camera, from Italy and based in Switzerland they've worked as male sex-workers since their teens, formed a romantic and artistic relationship which cumulated in the formation of the queer, post-industrial Black Sun Productions collective The pair also operated Zurich-based queer sexual fetish clubs , they’ve worked with COIL, Lydia Lunch and H.R. Giger The Black Sun Productions collective have a long-standing commitment to the exploration of altered state of consciousness, esoteric sexual practices, anarchist political theory and practice, DIY ethics, anti-fascism and anti-racist movements

Joined by their fuck-buddies Harald and Skindog, they explore the wilder sides of all male sex play. Lots of piss play (including a piss enema), raw bareback. Fucking, fisting, solo-play, dildo play, shaving, body-worship and more. Called "both ultra-hot and fuckin' beautiful to watch" the Anarcocks' first dvd release is a must see for sex-pigs everywhere.

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