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Pride Studios - Hang Out and Get Laid
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Just what the title says:

1. Conner Mason Ab, Jaxton Wheeler At
Conner cleans Jaxton's boat every weekend but this time he just isn't that into it and is being really lazy. Thinking that Jaxton has gone into town for supplies he is kicking back enjoying cold water. Jaxton comes back early and sees Conner not working. He sneaks up on him and takes him back to the workshop where he has Conner clean his pipes. Conner loves to blow his boss and that's one of the reasons he will slack off. Conner is down on his knees worshipping Jaxton's big hard cock sucking and licking every inch of it until Jaxton pushes him up against the work bench and spreads his ass open wide and buries his face deep between those big smooth butt cheeks. Jaxton rims Conner so dam well and once his ass is lubed up with spit Jaxton pushes his throbbing cock deep into Conner's tight little ass. Conner can take it as Jaxton thrusts deep into his hole pumping and fucking him all over the workshop. Jaxton lays Conner on the cold ground and fucks him until they both cum all over the place making for a great workday.

2. Javier Cruz Ab, Todd Haynes At
Walking on the beach, Javier Cruz and Todd Haynes notice the rain coming and decide to hang out at the Surf Shack. The two partners get closer as Javier starts kissing Todd. They both get naked and their cock gets ready for more action.

3. Bentley Michaels OrgAbRr, Mateo Fernandez OgrAtRg
Mateo Fernandez and Bentley Michaels are standing on the shore with their Body Boards and the ocean is totally calm and peaceful. This makes for a beautiful beach day, but a bust for them to body board. So, they are discussing whether or not to just go back to the Surf Shack or catch some sun on the beach. They go back to their beach towel and sit for a bit before heading back in. Once back inside they are watching porn on Bentley's mobile phone. Soon they are kissing and the clothes come off revealing both of their massive cocks. Mateo starts sucking Bentley first and takes his cock down his throat. Bentley then sucks Mateo's massive cock. Mateo then rims Bentley and gets his ass nice and lubed up for his big cock. Mateo fucks Bentley long and deep from behind before flipping him onto his back and fucking him until both explode with big shots of cum.

4. Aaron Perez OgrAbRr, Jeremy Spreadums OgrAtRg
Jeremy Spreadums and Aaron Perez are both hanging out poolside at the resort they have booked near the beach. Aaron is on his phone texting and when Jeremy asks who he is talking to, Aaron shares the news that their friends are not going to come take them to the beach because the weather looks like it is going to rain and storm. Disappointed that he will not be able to go surfing, Jeremy just jumps in the pool and encourages Aaron to join him. When Aaron does not come in right away, Jeremy splashes him and soon he is in the pool. Jeremy play wrestles a bit with Aaron and soon discovers he has a hard cock inside his board shorts. He plays with it a bit before both guys get out of pool and head to their room. Once inside their clothes come off quick and they are in bed exchanging blow jobs with each other. They move into a 69 for a while and then Jeremy starts rimming Aaron's ass. Aaron then climbs on top of Jeremy and rides his cock deep into his ass. Jeremy then bends him over and fucks him face down for a while before flipping him over and fucking the cum out of him and then shooting his own load.

action notes:  O=Oral; A=Anal; R=Rim; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top;

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