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Lucas Entertainment - Brothers Reunion
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"On-screen siblings Wilfried Knight and Anthony Marks show off their taboo relationship for the camera in Brothers' Reunion. After years of separation, their passion is unleashed and neither will ever be the same. The action continues as Ben Andrews, Jason Crew, Tommy DeLuca, Arpad Miklos, and Jackson Wild get down and dirty in four raunchy scenes. Brothers' Reunion is packed with ass-pounding fucking, cum swallowing, toe sucking, piss play, enema squirts, and much more!

Muscled hunks Wilfried Knight and Arpad Miklos nuzzle each other's furry chests and armpits. The two finish stripping and exchange blowjobs, quickly followed by Arpad spreading his legs and allowing Wilfried access to his hairy asshole. Both men then proceed to taste the other's toes, and Arpad rims Wilfried, readying his pucker for an anal assault. Wilfried then mounts Arpad in a variety of positions, exchanging passionate lip locks. After this action, Arpad shoots his load all over Wilfried's foot.

Tommy DeLuca starts by feasting on Ben Andrews' famous cock and sucking his toes with great enthusiasm. Ben finds an enormous butt-plug and pushes it deep into Tommy's smooth hole. In the Director's Cut version, once the toy pops out Tommy replaces it with his own fist, probing his insides until Ben pushes his fat member in. Tommy bounces on Ben's big shaft until he can't take anymore and cums on his own chest. Finally, Ben jizzes all over Tommy's innocent face and mouth and Tommy licks his dick clean, followed by a hot and sticky make-out session. (Also only in the Director's Cut version, Tommy squats and squirts out a milk enema.)

Upon entering their apartment, lanky Jason Crew and twink Jackson Wild grope and grind against each other, quickly disrobing. Jason leans back on the table, and after a quick spit job from Jackson, proceeds to place his own dick in his own hole. After mutual cock sucking, Jackson pounds away at Jason's hole. The two boys switch, with Jackson riding Jason's engorged rod, then gets bent over and takes it from behind. (In the Director's Cut, they piss all over each other, and Jason squirts water from his ass.)

After arriving at his studio with his hunky sibling Anthony Marks, hirsute Wilfried Knight can't control his urges and the two start making out. They strip and start slobbering over each other's meaty schlongs. Anthony takes extra time to suck and nibble on Wilfried's toes, tonguing each with care. Wilfried then places Anthony's legs over his head and dives into his willing hole, spitting and fingering while Anthony gasps in delight. The two roll around again, and Anthony ends up on top of Wilfried, cock firmly planted in ass. The two fuck with incestuous might, pleasing each other as only brothers can!"

Cast:  Wilfried Knight, Anthony Marks, Arpad Miklos, Ben Andrews, Jackson Wild, Jason Crew, Tommy DeLuca
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