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SX Video - Black Monster Cocks #3
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Black Monster Cock is back again with our third film, raising the bar even higher (or bigger we should say) on bottoms taking a rear-door beating and getting their tight holes tore wide open from huge, veiny, raw black meat. Kris is a new model to SX Video that is fresh out of his teens with an enormous 11?? pole-sized uncut cock just made for asshole punishment. We feature Kris in two different scenes in BMC3, doing what he does best, banging the living hell out of unsuspecting bottom boys and pumping his load into their asses!!

1. Kamrun OgAb, Kris (Styles) OrAt
When it comes to taking a foot-long of thick veiny raw black cock deep in your ass, you have to call in a pro like Kamrun to handle a newbie such as Kris. The two start off on the couch rock-hard and ready to go, with Kamrun dropping down to worship Kris' massive black meat with his mouth and throat. Kamrun continues to choke down as much of Kris' pole-like length as possible, jerking himself along the way, until he is ready for some thick cock to be stuffed in his ass. Kamrun throws his legs in the air, holding his knees tight, as Kris painfully inches his 12'' monster cock in his hole, as Kamrun screams out. Kris gradually slides more and more of his enormous manhood into his tight bottom, until Kamrun is ready to take a ride on his black beast, opening up his asshole and bearing down almost all the way on his raw dick.
Kamrun jumps off momentarily to clean off Kris' giant black cock, licks his own ass-juice off his cock and then lies on his back, as Kris finally pounds his ass balls-deep. With Kamrun now loosened up as good as it gets, he bends over the couch as Kris continues going to town on his ass, tearing it wide open as he works up a huge cummy load. Unable to keep his mouth off of his black meat for too long, Kamrun moves back to sucking his dick again, before Kris takes to mounting his pig bottom like the animal he is, sliding his greased manhood into his hungry asshole rapidly, then throwing him on his side, pumping a huge, warm load of creamy white juice into his stretched-out hole. Kris then has his subservient bottom roll onto his back to suck his dick, while Kamrun blasts his own load of cum onto his stomach.

2. Colin Black OrAtRg, Danny Lopez OgAbRr
Colin Black loves a big butt on his bottoms, so when Danny Lopez and his perfect scrumptious ass walked onto the set, we knew it was the perfect match. The scene starts off with the two hotties making out passionately and soon striping out of their clothing to reveal massive hard and excited wood. Danny shows off his throat-skills, taking Colin's massive black dick deep down as he's being throat-fucked. Colin cannot keep his hands off Danny's perfect ass and begins fingering his hole, before burying his face and feasting his tongue on his asshole. Danny moves back to servicing Colin's giant cock with his hungry mouth, getting it as rock-hard as he can for his ass. Danny then climbs on top of Colin on the bed and starts making out with him once again as Colin reaches around, inserting his monstrous black meat deep into Danny and starts plowing away at his ass.
Danny takes huge cock like a pro and it shows, as he jumps onto Colin's cock reverse cowboy style and bounces up and down on it like the starving bottom boy he is. Colin throws Danny on all fours and licks his hole clean, before stabbing Danny's insides with his massive black cock again, thrusting it in and out as deep as it goes. Colin then pulls out of Danny, and brings out a 12'' wide dildo and works it deep into Danny's asshole, giving him a thorough fuck session. Now that Danny's ass is good and worked in, Colin returns his cock back to its fleshy home and pounds Danny's ass even harder than before, and then pulls out to bust a nut all over his hole, delivering it deep back into his insides with his fat cock. Danny then lies on his back and erupts his own man-juice onto his sculpted stomach.

3. Troy (sx) OgAbRr, Buster Sly OrAtRg
Troy is a newbie that came to SX Video just days after turning 18, dying to have his ass fucked hard by monster black cock on camera. Not wanting to disappoint the birthday boy, we set him up with the hot and hung Buster Sly and watched the magic unfold. Troy wastes no time and plunges down on Buster's huge cock, deep-throating all the way down. Buster gets the young hottie out of his clothes and instructs his mouth back onto his cock, pushing his head all the way down as he gags away on black girthy meat. Troy continues to work away at his instructors cock, as Buster fingers his bottom's ass, opening it up for what's to come. Buster then bends the youngin' on all fours and feasts on ass with his tongue and then delivers his fat cock into Troy's barely legal hole and starts thrusting in slowly. It takes a while to open up his unused hole, but Buster finally succeeds and begins pumping away at his insides, before turning him onto his back and fucking him hard. Buster continues to show his bottom the ropes of taking cock deep up his ass and then throws him on the rug on all fours, displaying his handy work of stretching out his hole, before mounting the young stallion and thrusting away aggressively. Buster then pulls out and feeds his cock to be cleaned off to Troy's mouth and then lubes up again and reinserts deep back into Troy, pulling out to explode warm jizz all over his tight ass, pumping it inside his young ass hole.

4. Kris (Styles) OrAt, Darius (sx) OgAb
After discovering the more than well-endowed Kris, it was all too tempting not to bring him and his beer-can-thick 12'' black cock back for another scene. The scene starts of with Kris and Darius talking about Kris' massive dick, with Darius' eager mouth bending down to take the whole thing into his throat. He continues to gag away on Kris' huge cock, until Kris stands him up and rips his clothes off and drops to his knees to suck his bottom's dick, while fingering his ass. Kris then bends him over, preparing his tight hole with his fingers and then has Darius take a seat on his fat cock, with the bottom barely able to contain the agony he's facing. With Darius only able to take it halfway, Kris bends him over and slams his dick into Darius' hole even farther, as the bottom cries out in pain. Kris works his cock into Darius more and more with his balls slapping ass with every pump, and then displays to the camera the damage he's done to Darius' gapping asshole. Kris, who is now ready to shoot, throws Darius on his back and starts fucking him harder and then unloads cum all over Darius' stomach. Darius takes his turn next, jacking his black rod until dumping creamy warm cum all over himself.

action notes: O=Oral; A=Anal; R=Rim; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top;

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