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A Dream Come True (2001) RAD DVD
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Director Rick Lawrence

Anthony Holloway J.J., band member
Brad Benton Pete, the photographer
Court Logan Cary, the winner
Drew Peters Z.J., band member
Rocky (Castro) Skateboarder
Ryan Scott (00s) Shawn
Tony Ryan B.J., band member
Tuck Johnson Sam, the limo driver
Ty Parks

Winner 2002 GayVN "Best Sex Comedy"
Grabby Awards 2002 "Best Comedy Video"

It's rare for me to call a gay porno charming, but this latest release from RAD Video really is charming. Director/writer Rick Lawrence has gathered a cast of young vets peppered with some new hotties and tossed them into a hilarious plot that mixes elements of Wizard of Oz with the modern boy band fad. Aside from being clever and well acted, it features some very hot sex by some really hot young guys.
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