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Hairy And Raw - Alex Hawk and Eric Hassan (Bareback)
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Hairy And Raw - Alex Hawk and Eric Hassan (Bareback)

Release Date: 08/31/2017

Duration: 27 min.

Eric Hassan and Alex Hawk had been trying to hook up for several months.
When we put the call out for curly pigs who liked to fuck bareback, the
one and the other answered. Little did they know we were about to couple
em up! And so, after filming a 3-way — and still wearing the scent of the
2 dudes who drilled him and came inside him — Alex moved to some other
dungeon room where bearded Eric lied in await. Alex just now dropped to
his knees and set about giving a kiss the bushy hunk, chewing on his teats
and licking his way down Eric's inviting treasure trail. Alex takes his
enjoyable time, savoring practically each inch of Eric's shaggy body in
advance of burying his face in the man's crotch. He then pulls out Eric's
schlong and devours it down to the balls. And speaking of balls, Alex knows
Eric's are enormous and full of seed meant just for him. Sperm hounds can
sniff out the protein they almost all wish, u know. No part of the body is
left out — not even toes or feet — as Eric and Alex explore every other in a
carnal fashion that borders on the romantic. Eric works Alex, priming him to
take on that heavy guy meat. But Alex is muscular tiny and it takes a during
the time that to work all that thick shlong inside. But Eric eventually
manages to slip the whole length inside Alex, bareback fucking the otter
and sending him into orbit previous to delivering a H-U-G-E load of goo.

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