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William Higgins - Str8Hell - Zoran Jakotyc - SPANKING
SpankingMasturbatedJacked OffFingeringMuscleEuropean
Released June 4, 2019

Zoran Jakotyc is a very hot guy. In this spanking scene he is shackled and blindfolded as he lays on the bed wearing only his underwear. He pulls on his shackles as his tormentor arrives and gropes the underwear. The hands gag a moaning Zoran and slap his chest and pull on his nipples. He writhes and pulls against his ties as he feels the hands all over his body. Zoran's nipples are pulled hard and his chest is slapped. As the chest is slapped Zoran's underwear is groped hard too. His pit hair is yanked as well as he moans loudly. The underwear is pulled down to release Zoran's cock and balls. His pubic hair is pulled and then his cock and balls are groped. The heavy hands slap on his torso and his cock and balls are pulled. That hot body looks so good as Zoran writhes all over the place as he tries to avoid the hands. His cock is wanked as the chest is spanked. That cock gets hard as it is pulled and slapped. Then a riding crop is used on that chest before Zoran's shackles are adjusted, leaving his ass fully exposed. The crop flicks at the balls and on the thick thighs as well as that sexy ass. It is rubbed over his hot hole too. Zoran moans as the crop stings his sexy ass. Then the hands pull on the cock again and rub over the ass. The hot hole is spanked too. His cock is rock hard as it is wanked hard as a finger starts to probe Zoran's tight hole. The finger fucks into that ass hole as the cock throbs hard as it is wanked. The wanking continues, hard and fast until the hot cum is forced out, shooting right up Zoran's hot body. His dick is milked dry and that sexy ass is spanked hard, moving up onto his thick thighs too. That gorgeous hairy ass gets a good sound spanking before the video ends.
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