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BaitBuddies - Seth Knight & Cris (Bareback)
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Seth Knight has been in the porn industry for a while and this week, he's made his way over to the studio so that he can hook up with a friend that he's been dreaming about fucking for a long time! Seth is only 27 but don't be fooled, this guy is already experienced!

Cris is Seth's friend and they met shortly after Cris moved to the states from Russia. Seth taught Cris how to speak English and helped him get on his feet. Now, Seth is hoping that Cris will allow him to teach him how to get fucked by a dude! Chris is super hot too but his cock is really big and really fat! So, Seth is going to be doing the fucking today and maybe next time he'll be able to take that giant uncut sausage that Cris is packin'!

Caruso tells the guys to go ahead and naked! Right away the room heats up and the sparks start flying! And, even though Cris still identifies as straight, after today he'll probably change his mind!
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