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TIMFuck - Cum Tunnels Scene 5 - Damian Arca and Dean Rogers
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Scene 5 from CUM TUNNELS

It was less than 24 hours since Damian’s mega gangbang when Dean Rogers wanted some more of that ass on his PA’d dick. Daddy Dean slaps the boy around and makes him beg for his cock, having him tug on and squeeze his hard wired thick nipples that get his dick hard as a rock.
Dean positions the bottom on the side of the bed half in the air bracing his legs and feet on the much taller man’s shoulders getting him ready for a good pounding. Dean fucks Damian hard and steady building up in rhythm ramming and slamming his dick in.
He has a single-minded goal – to get more of his cum in the boy. Dean isn’t done yet. He uses his own cum-as-lube to put his full fist into Damian’s hole, getting him good and ready for JD Daniels who is lying in wait in the next room.
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