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ZackRandall - Lucas Gets A Bigger Piece - Zack Randall and Lucas Daniels
What started out as a nice little photo shoot for sexy straight boy Lucas becomes a whole lot more when he decides to go with the flow and gobble that big famous piece of fuckmeat for Zack! Like a lot of guys, Lucas got his first taste of cock and decided he really liked it, so he hasn't looked back since. He's never sucked one as good as Zack's though. His own cock is rigid throughout as soon as he gets that cock between his lips, perhaps remembering his first taste and rediscovering his newfound cocklust! The guys share an awesome time, dripping precum from their meat while they greedily slurp and suck each other to the absolute limit. Lucas is the first to unload, splashing his cream out all over Zack's cock and balls, almost immediately making him blast out one of his erupting climaxes in return! Sometimes everything just clicks, and by the end of this oral sessions both boys know they're gonna be sharing those cocks a whole lot more from now on.

May 14, 2019
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