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Foerstermedia - Boese Buben 1 (DVD5, 2002)
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This version, BOESE BUBEN 1 aka Bad Boys 2, adds one scene, the fifth one, probably with German performers, which has nothing to do with FRIENDS. It also fools around with the introductiions of some of the scenes, (which explains why this, with one more scene, manages to be shorter than FRIENDS) and adds German titles at the beginning of each scene. It also makes an incredible mess of the performers' names, using well-known akas in a completely different way from the usual. All of this makes it very likely that BÖSE BUBEN is a rerelease of FRIENDS and not the other way around.

Director:  Joachim Koehler

Cast:  Ivan Plop, Klaus Buben, Jan Muller, Karsten Moll, Ben Hofer, Tim Klett, Dennis Petermann, Ralf Heinze,  Peter Vichern, Michael Gola

 DVD Features:
Interactive Menus, Chapter Selection

Length: 90 minutes

MPEG 720x480 4100kb/s

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