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Freshmen Issue 1 - Oct 2016 (all 3 HD 720p videos)
Bel Ami's celebrated Freshmen series (a "sequel" to the highly successful "Kinky Angels" series) got its start in October, 2016 (practically a VINTAGE set!)
Original MP4s were very large (well over 1GB each) for scenes that were about 20 mins each (on average). Later, a smaller image set was added - but at the European size of 816p or 810p, but file size was still over a GB for nearly all episodes.
I have re-coded these in a smaller 720p (H264 with MP3 sound) format "for collectors"

I was specifically asked to share this first set to gauge interest in the others (I am a collector myself)

Scene 1: Freshmen E001S1 Jeroen Mondrian & Torsten Ullman (BB) [2016-10-27] 720p.mp4
Jeroen Mondrian & Torsten Ullman - 16:22

Jeroen Mondrian, as some of you will remember, was sent home from last year’s Mykonos production because of some disciplinary issues.  Fortunately he took the lesson to heart and since then he is much more responsible (‘much more’ certainly does not mean completely so).
Jeroen has 2 stages with us, the first of which I called his ‘cheating’ phase and the other his ‘genuine’ phase.  The ‘cheating’ was when he gave us the bare minimum in his performances for us to get a decent scene, and the ‘genuine’ phase started early this year when he began giving us the ‘real thing’ and since then has become an excellent model.

Scene 2: Freshmen E001S2 Andre Boleyn & Felix Gaul & Jack Harrer & Liam Efron (BB) [2016-10-27] 710p.mp4
Felix Gaul, Jack Harrer, Andre Boleyn & Liam Efron: 24:26

In the case of this scene you are getting 2 relative newcomers with 2 of your perennial favourites, so we don’t know if this will be more about Felix and Liam for you or more about Jack and Andre.  In either case the film was filmed in 2 parts and the 2nd part (which is quite independent) will be coming on BelAmiOnline around Christmas time.

Scene 3: Freshmen E001S3 Oliver Coogan (JO) [2016-10-27] 720p.mp4
Oliver Coogan returns: 24:49

Many of you certainly remember Oliver Coogan and you also certainly remembered that he disappeared after his first couple of scenes.  After some time we discovered that he found his way into the Hungarian juvenile detention system and said that he would be in touch with us again when he was out.  True to his word, he did and we were able to start filming with him again.
Today we have decided to give you the slightly older and little riper version of Oliver.  We have no special doubts that he will again someday disappear on us, but we will film whatever we can while we have the chance.
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