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Studfist - Bottomless (Amerifist, Fist----)
StudfistAmericanBlack on WhiteFistingNo GlovesAmerifistFist----
Studfist - Bottomless (Amerifist, Fist----)

May 7, 2011

23 minutes 46 seconds

Bottomless features the incredibly hungry ----FIST. The name is to the point, and says it all. Its very fitting for this stud. We had chatted a few times but seem to miss each other when in the same city. This time we were both in the same city for an extended stay. I was very excited to finally meet this hot Russian (hailing from Tel Aviv) stud. We had a ffantastic long, hot session, and played several times while he was on holiday. Most of it is captured on video. This is the 1st of several hot bits of footage caught on vid.  

This boy is very very hungry and takes a ffisting like few can. He hopped up in the gyn0 chair and unzipped his rubber shorts and was ready for ffun. My fist slid right in and into his second ring with little effort at all, then both fists sliding in and out, then up to the chain on my foreram,  mmmmmmm!  The play session just got more intense as it went on and his hole got hungrier and hungrier; which you will see.

When he walked into my play room ( he took a look at the equipment, and said in his strong Russian/Israeli accent "I want to do all of them" And it seemed that when we decided to take a break, wether the gyn0-chair, FF bench, or the sling, that was his favorite. So we spent some time playing what seemed like musical chairs on each aperatis, including the sofa. I really had a great time playing with this PIG; and am sure we will do it again someday...
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