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Hidden Away 1080p Blu-ray REMUX
DramaSpanishEnglish SubtitlesComing of AgeTeenagersFirst TimeSexual AwakeningHidden LoveGay LoveNight ClubBathroomSwimmingImmigrationBig CityOutsiderPrejudiceDrugs
In the bathroom of a crowded nightclub, Ibrahim, a 14-year old Moroccan boy, crosses paths with Spanish teen Rafa. Although they exchange only a fleeting glance, the encounter has a profound effect on the pair. As his friends try and set him up with a local girl, Rafa’s thoughts remain with Ibrahim. Meanwhile, Ibrahim finds
himself isolated in the big city, treated like an outsider, with the threat of deportation hanging over head.

When the two boys meet again, they form a close bond..
Rafa and Ibrahim decide to work together to find a way for Ibrahim to escape his fate and live the life he wants.

Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English /French
Duration: 96 mins
IMDb: 7.2
Director: Mikel Rueda
Writer: Mikel Rueda
Stars: Germán Alcarazu, Adil Koukouh, Joseba Ugalde
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