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Mess Hall Maneuvers (1994) Tyger with audio
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The previous versions of this video (now deleted) had faulty audio. I have assembled the complete video and audio from 3 different sources. The synching is a little rubbery, but it is complete.

director Tempest

Aiden Shaw
Johnny Rahm
Mack Daniels
Marco Rossi
Mark Steel
Mikel Karr
Patrick Ives
Sean Colby

A cumload dumped in the grunts' soup and a big orgy are the highlights in this occasionally funny and hot military-themed flick.

They say that "comedy ain't pretty," but judging from the line-up here you'd never know that. Basic premise has military dudes skulking about their base camp, and fucking and sucking away. There's some off the wall humor here as well (slapstick... or slapping the stick, if you will) that works sometimes, and annoys the rest of the time. The opening jack-off into the soup is hilariously nasty.

The video's best scenes are saved for last: a foreskin-laden scenario with cover models Wolff and Aiden Shaw, and a group fuck that is a little hard to see at first (camera is too close) but ends up really satisfying. Marco Rossi is his wooden-yet-chiseled self, and the rest of cast get off some great loads.
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