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Bromo - Johnny Rapid Goes Bareback
College Freshmen to Late 20sBody Types: Gymnasts/Ripped/SwimmersBody/Chest Hair: Hairy and Smooth Guys TogetherCast's Looks: Adorable/CuteCast's Looks: Chiseled Face/HandsomeCock Sizes: Big and ThickDouble Anal PenetrationFacial Hair: BeardsFacial Hair: None (Clean Shaven)Gang BangGroup Sex/Orgy SceneNo Condoms: BarebackingRimming (Ass Eating)Tattoos: Few/Moderate
Johnny Rapid Goes Bareback

Length: 1 hr 37 min
Year: 2015
Studio :
Director: Uncredited
Country: US

Cast: Johnny Rapid, Dennis West, Jake Wilder, Vadim Black


It's the one that set the gay porn blogosphere all atwitter on Twitter in summer 2015. It's the bareback debut of the gay porn star famous for his "Take it out it hurts!" pleasure/pain fuck faces. Johnny Rapid Goes Bareback is also BROMO (formerly JuicyBoys)'s first release, and what better way to inaugurate the line than with a delicious bang-out of Mr. Rapid complete with an eye-and-hole-popping double anal penetration. The set ups are basic - you've seen these types of trickings a thousand times - but the house it's shot in is well-chosen (lots of glass window-walls to let sunlight pour in) and the cast is a great fit. Johnny clearly has been angling to get raw-fucked for eons, Vadim Black is quite the sculpted beauty, and the aforementioned group-bang is the perfect cherry on the creampie sundae. Go, Johnny!

"Johnny Rapid invites his good friend Dennis West over to his Atlanta home for a little bareback fun. As soon as Dennis arrives, Johnny - being the gracious host that he is - welcomes Dennis to town with a nice warm mouth and even warmer hole. Dennis plows his enormous cock into Johnny's little ass before filling him up and breeding his hole.

Jake Wilder comes to town after Johnny invites him over for a little getaway. Johnny is out picking up his other model friends when Jake decides to go for a quick swim and is greeted by Dennis - who offers to help Jake warm up after his swim with a little body contact. Dennis slides his hung cock into Jake's muscle ass until he fucks a huge load out of him. Dennis uses Jake's cum as lube before he cream pies his delicious ass.

Johnny has some hot friends! Vadim Black is in town now, and is really ready to work Johnny's hole. Johnny rides Vadim's thick cock before Vadim explodes his cum shot and slides back into Johnny's ass. Soon Johnny busts his nut all over Vadim's hot body.

Finally the gang is all here and ready to stretch out Johnny's hole to the max. They all get to pound his butt... and he even gets double penetrated! Dennis and Jake DP his hole first and then Vadim and Dennis really stretch him out as Jake holds Johnny as he's bouncing on the guy's thick cocks. They all take their turn cumming on his hole until Dennis finally pushes it all in with his bare cock."
Day 1:  Johnny Rapid
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