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GROWLBOYS - STRAY - Ch 1, Scavenging
The empty bar took on a strangely celestial feeling. The wide expanse of space, vacant of any usual activity, seemed to only have life thanks to the spattering of reflected lights shining down from disco balls on the ceiling. They danced around the walls and furniture, serving as the final occupants of the night.

Alex got lost in their movement, seeing how they transformed an otherwise bleak basement dive into something whimsical and romantic. Taking a final sip of his drink, he spotted two men dancing with each other in the distance. Clearly, the stars had aligned for them tonight. The lights spun around them, helping them to feel like they were the only two in the world.

Alex felt the bite of jealousy in his mouth. Or perhaps it was the cheap liquor he’d been nursing all night. Either way, it became abundantly clear that despite the stars and lights, tonight was not looking like his night.

Putting his glass down, he caught a glimpse of the bartender, no longer manning his post and proceeding with his end of night duties. Alex tried to focus his tired, drunken eyes on him, trying to see if he might be a good trick. Stop, a voice inside him said. You’re just scavenging now. Don’t be desperate.
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