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BoysHalfwayHouse - Incident #159 - Bareback Cum Infliction - Lance
Boys Halfway HouseBarebackTristan Sweet
1. BoysHalfwayHouse - Incident #159 - Bareback Cum Infliction - Lance.mp4
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Description - Boys Halfway House Incident #159: Recidivism is high among these guys, which is why it's important that they learn their lesson thoroughly before they can be given a clean bill and sent on their way. The House Managers try as hard as they can to instill an internal sense of moral order in these guys' brains. It's hard since the IQ has been slowly eaten away by bad habits. We know most of them are going to stay with us for however many months, get back into the real world, and fuck it all up within two weeks. Such is life, but nonetheless the House Managers tirelessly carry on as best they can with their instruction and admonition. This resident in particular has been a thorn in the side of everyone in the House, and he really is on his last straw. He's cute and all, and his ass feels amazing. That said, there's a new teenage delinquent every week, so his beautiful pink hole isn't that special. In a final attempt at saving him from incarceration, a few of the House Managers decided to take it up one more notch. After barging into his room for (yet another) shakedown, it wasn't too difficult to find some contraband. This guy's a real idiot. Well, before he knew it he was naked and down on his knees. By now he's gotten really good at slobbering knobs. That will definitely be a skill he can use in jail. His innocent face, with those baby blue eyes, immediately makes him cell bitch material. It's doubtful, however, that he will be able to get by with his oral skills alone. Why? Because his hole feels so fucking fantastic. Unlike most of these losers in the House, he can actually ride a cock. Really, really well. Every time he rides any of us House Managers it's all we can do to keep from busting prematurely. But our trusty manager kept his calm in order to keep going in this instance. Doggie was next, followed by several other positions. All the while, he was being spat upon and choked out like a little rag doll. This Manager finished him off in pile driver, though. As he was upside down on the floor, his little boy hole was getting pummeled as he was getting yelled at. There's nothing like a teen looking up at you saying "Yes, sir." while his colon is getting cleaned out. It's definitely one of those moments that keeps us all going. When we were done with his ass, we made him take a huge load of jizz into his mouth, and then made him gargle the cum for a good while before he was told to swallow it all. This resident is definitely in the top ten total cum dumpsters we've ever had at the House. It'll be a shame to see him go if he fucks up one more time. Featuring: Lance Farrow.
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