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ChaosMen - Zane Baldwin: solo
Release: July 22, 2019

It has been a while since I have had a true Gay-For-Pay guy in. So many of the guys lately are gay or bisexual. But Zane is all about the business.

He had a really tough travel day. A simple non-stop flight turned into about a 7-hour delay. We filmed this fairly late, and I was so pleased that he was confident, cocky, and ready to put on a show.

Zane has a hot body and his uncut cock is perfect. At about 7.5 inches, it is perfectly straight and has a nice hood on it.

His ass is really nice too, but like some uptight gay-for-pay guys, he was shy about showing it off. It does look fuckable!

Zane Baldwin
Start Age: 22
ebuted: July 22, 2019
Height: 6'  
Weight: 182 lbs  
Cock: 7.5" Uncut

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Number: 76 pictures
Resolution: 1024x683

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