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BoyFun - Naughty Seamen - Casper Ivarsson, Nick Danner - MP4 1080p
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Added: Sep 14th, 2018


Sweet BoyFun lads Casper Ivarsson and Nick Danner have been enjoying a lovely day out on the river, but when the weather changes and a chill arrives the sexy young duo decide to head indoors for a little fun that's sure to warm them up. The lovers waste no time once there, their lips meeting in a sensual embrace, which soon becomes more urgent. With growing erections straining in their underwear smooth and slim Nick releases his buddy’s long and solid cock to suck on, lovingly licking and slurping his uncut tool with a familiar skill. With his near 8-inch dick wet and twitching with pleasure Casper is more than eager to return the favor, hungrily engulfing the impressive erection his friend presents, lapping at the swollen tip and savoring the flavor of Nick's shaft. Bent over the end of the couch young Nick shows his smooth young hole, ready for every raw inch of his lover's length. Casper takes aim, slowly pushing past his snug pucker and filling his boy with his turgid erection, his foreskin back as his rounded tip slides deep into him for an incredibly sensual fuck. After taking the boy from behind and making his twink lover moan with pleasure, Casper thrusts up inside him on the couch, stroking his cock for him while he pumps his dick in and out in and out in urgent thrusts that never fail to hit the spot. Nick's tight young hole feels so good around Casper's impressive cock the boy has to slow down a little to stop himself from flooding his lover's ass with cum; they want to see those gorgeous dicks erupting hot white cream while they both stroke themselves over the finish line. Casper takes position over his buddy, stroking his gorgeous length, his balls churning and quickly pulling up closer to his body as jets of warm goo spew from his tip and rain down over Nick's smooth frame. As his lover's cum splashes he can't stop his own thick dick from pumping cream, sending squirts of semen lashing out over his smooth stomach. As the aroma of fresh jizz fills the air around them the bareback boyfriends kiss once more, already looking forward to their next session.

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