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Catalina - Thank You, Daddy (MP4)
CondomSafe SexCatalinaThank You DaddyBlaine MayersBlu KennedyBrunno StorniDanny LopezEduardo FourzanGabriel RocasJack Dan DeanJosh SextonLance HancockMike CesarRico SuaveRyan StevensSandy SloanShae RichardsSteve HurleyAnalOralBlowjobRimmingMuscleHunkHairyDaddyCross GenerationGroup SexThreesomeThreewayCumInterracialLatin
Catalina - Thank You, Daddy
Released 2006

These scenes pair older guys with younger guys. Daddy always tops because he loves fucking sweet, young boy-holes. Thank you, daddy!

1. Steve Hurley, Danny Lopez
Daddy's Teenage Turn-On
In Palm Springs there's definitely no shortage of Boy lovin' Daddies, or Daddy lovin' Boys. As daddy-o Steve Hurley cruises the streets of PS, he's overwhelmed by the sight of “barley-legal” Latin cutie, Danny Lopez. Daddy's got to take Danny to his place to see if he's broken-in. Steve has painters at the house but wastes no time in getting his boy in bed. In exchange for a suck on Steve's tool, Danny gets his smooth little ass licked good. And then after a nice ride on Daddy's rod, the kid shoots his load on Daddy Steve's beard.

2. Shae Richards, John Sexton
Ty Me Up
Shae Richards is Scott's brother and also a porn star and when Shae can't reach him, he gets worried and finds porn director John Sexton, who takes advantage of him.

3. Brunno Storni, Ryan Stevens
Daddy's Reform School Playmate
Ryan's getting all cleaned up in the shower before Daddy Brunno takes him back to school. Brunno gets a little charge in his rocket as he gazes at Ryan washing himself. Watching young Ryan's smooth face while he trys to swallow Brunno's enormous piece will make your eyes water.

4. Gabriel Rocas, Mike Cesar
Latin Men Do!
Gabriel Rocas catches Mike Cesar in the act of robbing his home. Gabriel teaches Cesar a lesson, making him suck on Gabriel's big dick and lick on his huge balls. Then he flips Cesar over and stretches his hole wide with his Latin meat before they both blast their loads all over.

5. Blu Kennedy, Eduardo Fourzan, Blaine Meyers
Daddy's Bubble Butt Boys
The finale of Daddy's Bubble Butt Boys finds Blu Kennedy back for more, this time sitting at the pool having his dick sucked by shaved-headed Blaine Meyers, a very sexy man with a goatee and one hell of a work ethic. Blu's curvy dick doesn't give Blaine pause for a second as he slurps his way up and down it so very hungrily. When stocky Eduardo Fourzan shows up, he is invited to join and ends up in the middle of the men. Blu confidently fucks his hairless bitable rump and Blaine feeds him cock up front. Blaine is another of the film's treasured big cocks and Eduardo seems to love working it as Blu is skewering him harshly behind. Lucky Latin Eduardo is switched around, still doggy to show just how tasty that full ripe ass is, so Blaine can fuck him. Eduardo is still cock-mad, now for Blu's bigness, and Blaine is in heaven, commenting happily that, "this guy has a fucking tight hole!" If he does, Blaine maneuvers it wonderfully, sliding his dick all the way down it so smoothly. Blaine pulls out for a perfect shot on Eduardo's creamy ass, followed by Blu's facial and Eduardo's pop all the way up his chest.

6. Lance Hancock, Rico Suave
Daddy's Teenage Turn-On
Lance Hancock is the painter in Steve's house that gets all worked up hearing Daddy's Teenage Turn –On moan like a baby. Luckily, Lance has his own Teenage Turn-On right there with him. Rico Suave's smooth, hairless body is an intense orgasmic clash with Lance's furry muscular stature. After this boy is done on his knees he rides daddy's cock until he loses his load all over.

7. Jack Van Dean, Sandy Sloane  
Junior Meets the Bear Patrol
Jack Van Dean, under cover and underdressed to reveal his amazing hairy pecs, comes upon Sandy Sloane, a member of Junior's gang. Puckish Sandy is happy to offer Jack the same service he gives others and Jack wolfs down Sandy's hardness in seconds. Jack's flawless deep-throat is shown in close-up to take advantage of those great clear eyes. Sandy then takes on Jack's rugged body, starting on the hard nipples and then to the thick cock, while Jack keeps a hand on Sandy's ass. Jack fucks Sandy, pushing in with full depth and a nice nasty pace. Sandy looks relaxed and content to be receiving the friendly fuck. Sandy cums big in the middle of it and Jack cums on Sandy's back. Jack does eventually reveal his job to Sandy and hauls him off downtown.

Blaine Myers
Blu Kennedy
Brunno Storni
Danny Lopez
Eduardo Fourzan
Gabriel Rocas
Jack Van Dean
John Sexton
Lance Hancock
Mike Cesar
Rico Suave
Ryan Stevens
Sandy Sloan
Shae Richards
Steve Hurley
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