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Bel Ami - American Lovers in Prague - Episode 2 - Jeroen Mondrian and Damon Heart (810p)
Jeroen is getting Yoga lessons today from our Belgian friend Damon Heart. Damon was in Prague filming on the NakedSword production 'The Last Rose' so we asked him to stay a couple days longer to see the town, and also film this scene with Jeroen. If we hadn't realized before, we certainly know after this clip that Jeroen loves having his ass rimmed. Even when Damon suggests that he turn around so he can suck his dick he is resolute in getting Damon to continue giving his hole pleasure. When the fucking begins we see the results of Damon's magic tongue, as he slides right into Jeroen without hesitation and proceeds to fuck him until both guys shoot their loads at almost the same time. For those of you who will inevitably comment on the use of condoms again, it is only to fit in with NakedSword filming policy.

Released: 10/14/2018
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