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Raging Stallion - Alley Cats
Director Tony Buff leaves no kink unexplored in “Back Alley,” which starts out with sexy top stud Felix Barca working over a hooded Race Cooper’s nipples until the poor stud is writhing in pain and pleasure. At first Felix uses only his mouth but then he brings out some nipple clamps and really gets to work. After he gets Race’s nips up and running, Felix gets busy with Race’s balls, torturing them with slaps and big ball stretching weights and a crusher. Felix feeds Race his piss and his dick, which leads to Race dropping a load on Felix’s boot and cleaning it up with his tongue. The next part of the scene is all about Felix working over Race’s hole, which he expertly does with his fingers, an enormous dildo, and last but not least, his fist. Felix makes Race shiver and shake with his fisting, and eventually Felix straddles Race, his hot pecs (I’m telling you, I wouldn’t mind working on Felix’s nipples myself) jumping as he blows a huge load on Race’s back.

Tony stars in the next scene with hot ginger stud J.R. Matthews, in a rope suspension act that is both amazing and sexy. Tony ties J.R. up making him the perfect position for J.R.’s ass to be fully exposed, in almost a sling-like configuration. From there, Tony eats out J.R.’s lush hole until it’s dripping, while his thick, hard cock throbs below. Tony fucks J.R. too, but the scene ends with oral action, and Tony shooting a huge load on J.R.’s shoulder.

The finale has two awesome studs, Jesse Santana and Leo Forte, going at it, with Leo topping Jesse. Jesse sucks Leo through his underwear while heavy nipple clamps swing from his pierced nipples, his hot ass hanging out of a pair of chaps. Leo gives Jesse his piss, which Jesse takes like he’s thirsty for it, and then Leo shoots a load on Jesse’s hot chest and leans over and licks it all up. With Jesse attached to a St. Andrew’s Cross, Leo then removes the clamps from Jesse’s pierced nipples and begins to play with them, making Jesse almost hit the ceiling. This intense scene is helped along all the way by Leo’s domination, both verbal and physical, the physical including flogging Jesse’s back and taut bubble-butt. Which leaves big red welts on his skin. Jesse’s reward for taking it all is a slow, hot rimjob by Leo, more piss, and then a hard fuck on a suspended platform with Jesse’s feet held apart by leather restraints. Leo continues to work Jesse until he’s fucked a big load out of him, and then Leo sprays hi on Jesse’s hot ass to end the scene.
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