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DominicPacifico – Breeding My Son – Casey Everett & Dominic Pacifico
Big CocksMuscleHunkJockTattoosOralAnal SexNo Condom
Dominic and Casey are BFFs, partners in sex and romance, so any time we get to watch Dominic breeding his boy's legendary hole is bound to be special. They playfully lap at each other's pits and make out to get the balls rolling, and Casey is first down on his knees to worship Daddy's nuts and thick uncut tool. He admires it as he jacks it a few strokes, knowing it's gonna be stretching his hole in a few minutes. Dominic is fully erect and ready to ram, but he takes a tender moment to suck Casey's perfect smooth cock, beats it as he looks up into his boy's eyes.

Casey's wagging his ass in pure animal need when Dominic goes in to finger and give it a wet tongue bath. He glides on in to that sweet familiar hole while Casey moans out a few mumbles of encouragement. Holding him close he pushes in as deep as it goes, gives Casey what he needs. So close they never let up their deep connection, they share long glances as their gonads link in an electric bond. Dominic grabs both ankles and plows in; he's ready to plant a load of seed in Casey's hot ass. Casey beats his cock in time with every deep grinding thrust. Dominic groans out "Awww, FUCK!" as Casey feels the hot shots creaming his guts and lets go in a sticky spurt all over his chest. They lick up and share the juice of their scorching passion.

February 28, 2018
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