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Family Dick - Please Mr Postman SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED - Myles Landon, Michael Boston and Wesley Woods
The new mailman is trying to deliver a package to the Landon residence, but no one appears to be home! The nosy postman peers through the window after knocking several times, only to find Michael and his sexy step dad sharing an intimate kiss! The old man explains that it’s not what it looks like, but the pervy postal worker is not looking to cause a fuss. He’s just wondering what it would be like to kiss such a sweet boy. Michael’s pop invites him to try it out, and soon the two older men whip their dicks out for the horny kid to pleasure. The boy gives them a double header, switching between their cocks as he slobbers all over them. Then, the men spit roast him, filling his ass and mouth up with warm cum in the process. Talk about a special delivery!

15 August, 2019
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