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Tale of the Lost Boys / 他和他的心旅程 (2017) with Eng, Ch subtitles
GayComing OutFamilySexually ExplicitChinese
Country: Philippines, Taiwan
Language: English, Tagalog, Mandarin, Atayal
Subtitles:  English, Chinese
Duration:  01:21:52
Director: Joselito Altarejos
Actor: Oliver Aquino, Soda Voyu
Awards: Taiwan International Queer Film Festival 2017, Rainbow Reel Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 2017, Hong Kong Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 2017
IMDb: 7,7/10

TALE OF THE LOST BOYS is the story of the friendship between two men ㅡ Alex, a Filipino mechanic, and Jerry, a Taiwanese aborigine student. The two meet randomly when Alex flees to Taipei from Manila, after leaving his girlfriend pregnant. A casual conversation develops into a surprising personal connection between them. Both realize that they yearn a more intimate connection with their mothers, since Alex’s abandoned him for a new family while Jerry is afraid that his traditional parents will reject him for being gay. They decide to go on an impromptu road trip to Yilan, Jerry’s hometown, in northeast Taiwan, and meet Jerry’s family: an encounter that will forever redefine their own identities.

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