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Missionary Boyz - Mormon Boyz - Elder Rim - In The Missionary Bathroom (with Elder Call)
Though the mission calls for boys to submit to the ultimate power of the Order, it is not uncommon for the young men toexpress a sense of pride and ego about themselves as they progress towards the priesthood. In fact, the men of the Order understand that it is only natural for adolescents, full of hormones and testosterone, to feel a bit competitive, especially when they are vying for the limited attention of the priests. So, as Elder Call hears more and more about Elder Rim and his powerful topping abilities, he has experienced some pangs of jealousy. How could this fresh newcomer have made such a huge impact on the men of the Order, sending ripples of excitement throughout the entire mission? He must learn for himself.

He waits until Rim is in the bathroom cleaning himself to make his move. Guided by insecurity and bit of curiosity, Call makes his way into the enclosed space, posturing as though his intentions are simply to brush his teeth and make use of the sink.

Released: 15 March, 2019
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