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Colby Knox - Beach Fuck with Colby and Mickey -BAREBACK- (720p)
Released September 1, 2019

In this weeks new very special gay porn video release from ColbyKnox, we have a voyeur's WET dream!!! For those that follow the boys on twitter, its no secret that they celebrated Mickey Knox's birthday by loading up the car with a bunch of hot boys and heading to the beach. While there was some scenes scheduled with said hot boys Grayson Lange and Tannor Reed, this beach fuck scene was not on the agenda for the week. The boys went exploring and found a totally secluded beach just begging to be fucked on!!! After stripping down and playing around on the beach for a bit, Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox decided to get a smoking hot bareback fuck on right there in the middle of the beach!!!! Mickey Knox drops to his knees and starts sucking on Colby Chambers with a jubilant Grayson and Tannor continuing to body surf in the background. (No reason for them to skip a beat) Once Colby Chambers is hard as a rock, Mickey bends over one of the body board and presents his plump sexy ass for the taking. Colby more than obliges his horny husband, fucking Mickey in not one or two but THREE positions as casually as if they are in they're own bedroom. Complete with some very satisfying cumshots from both boys, this scene is a once in a lifetime off cuff peak into Mickey Knox's birthday fun!!! ENJOY!!!
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