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Kristen Bjorn - Sands Of Time
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1. Brian McNight, Adrian Toledo
Adrian Toledo release a bottle with a message into a river, but soon he’s enjoying the splendors of Brian McKnight’s sexy body, kissing him and giving up his ass for Brian’s total pleasure. Adrian’s sexy, open hole receives Brian’s spit and tongue, while Brian rubs his hard dick against Adrian’s jeans and shoes. After Brian has thoroughly tongued that hot ass, he fucks it -- and Adrian jerks his cock as he takes Brian’s meat. This beautiful encounter ends with Brian dropping a major load of cream on Adrian, while Adrian watches and continues to milk his dick. At the end, Adrian explodes with cum, too.

2. Jalil Jafar, Donato Reyes, Valentino Medici, Tomas Friedel
Jalil and Donato are attending a very elegant party as they enjoy the view and reflect on their relationship. They have 2 rules that they live by, always share everything and never stay until the end of a party unless it is really worthwhile. Jalil and Donato are lead downstairs by Valentino and Tomas, but never make it to the bottom of the stairs. Valentino eagerly undresses Jalil as Tomas undresses Donato. Our 2 couples immediately begin sucking cock, Valentino on Jalil and Tomas on Donato. Now this is a gathering of oral expertise at its finest. Donato and Valentino begin to share Jalil’s huge cock, since it is possible and you can. Jalil moves into position so that he can enjoy the pleasures of both Donato and Valentino’s cocks as Tomas positions himself so that Valentino and Donato can pleasure his cock. The diamond sucksation grows with enthusiasm as well as pleasure until Tomas massages his hot load all over Valentino’s face. Valentino releases his creamy load on Jalil’s face quickly followed by Donato. Jalil licks his lovers cock and every last drop of cum dripping from the head of his cock. Dripping in cum Jalil erupts with his famous multiple orgasmic explosion of cum. Don’t leave the party yet, there is so much more to cum at this after party.

3. Robin Sanchez, Abel Pozsar
Time: the one thing we have no control over but has control over us. Robin and Abel find that time slips through their hands faster than water. After an afternoon of exploring in the nearby mountains the guys return home for some afternoon delight. Robin quickly strips down to his black jock strap, which turns Abel on completely, making it impossible to keep his hands off of Robin. Robin sees Abel’s excitement and is eager to get at his huge, bulging hard on. Working hard to get that huge, fat cock down his throat Robin does everything within his power to feel that head slip down his throat. After working that cock to complete rigidity Robin squats down on that huge cock and begins his wild ride. Abel is overwhelmed with the pleasure of Robin’s hot, muscular ass gripping and sucking his huge cock deeper and deeper into his wet, hungry hole. Robin rides Abel’s cock for all that its worth, feeling it grow harder and fatter within him with each stride. Abel’s ball sac is growing heavy and full of his hot load, but he is not ready to let this ride end. He bends Robin over and penetrates him deep from behind. Abel grabs hold of Robin’s jock strap and takes him for a wild and hard pounding ride. He teases Robin’s ass by pulling out and then penetrating him fully and again pounding him hard and then pulling out and thrusting his cock back inside of Robin, all to Robin’s pleasure. Abel’s ball sac has built up a full load that he can no longer control and unleashes his huge milky load all over Robin’s ass, which he immediately devours with his tongue. Stay tuned to see where the story of Robin and Abel takes us next.

4. Jalil Jafar, Donato Reyes, Valentino Medici, Tomas Friedel
When we last saw our hot guys Jalil and Donato had decided to stay after at an elegant party with their hosts Valentino and Tomas. This turned out to be one hot, steamy after party. Now the stakes have been risen and there is a game to be played, one game, grab as much pleasure as possible before the sands of time run out in the hourglass. Jalil and Donato are in one room and Valentino and Tomas are in another, it is now time for the game and the sands to begin flowing. Donato and Tomas exit their rooms and enter the rooms of Valentino and Jalil. No time is wasted and both couples are on top of each other immediately in tandem 69 positions. The sands of time have run their course and it is now time to change partners again. Jalil and Donato are reunited as well as Valentino and Tomas. Tomas is thrilled to see his partner and dives right in and begins eating Valentino’s sweet ass. Jalil has the same idea and devours Donato’s awaiting hole. Both holes are almost identical, smooth, tight, wet, sweet and ready for a hot tongue fucking. Once again the hourglass has run its course, this time Jalil teams up with Valentino and Tomas with Donato. Since Donato and Valentino’s holes have been primed they are quick to sit on top of their perspective partners hot cocks and grind all the pleasure out of them that they can. Both men grind away hard and deep knowing full well that the sands of time are limiting their pleasure. The hourglass has dictated another change and this time Tomas and Jalil are paired up along with Donato and Valentino. Jalil spreads Tomas’ legs open and penetrates him deep and begins a hard pounding assault on his tight ass. Valentino takes Donato and slides his hard cock deep within Donato’s wet hole. Both couples fuck with fury and passion, pounding all the pleasure they can into their partners. Jalil feels the pulsating muscles in Tomas’ tight hole that draws his load to an explosion of cum all over Tomas, with his own hot load covering his abs. Valentino and Donato release their pent up loads in an eruption of hot, gooey cum everywhere. Are you ready to play our game?

5. Robin Sanchez, Abel Pozsar, Adrian Toledo, Brian McNight
When we last saw Abel and Robin they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other, who could? Adrian was pleasuring Brain with his hot ass and mouth, now the 4 hot studs join together for unrelenting sexual encounter. Robin and Abel found one of Adrian’s messages in a bottle and felt a strong attraction to him. They hunted him down and eventually found him and his lover. They were warmly greeted and invited into Adrian and Brian’s home. Instantly Abel and Brian connected as well as Robin and Adrian. Brian immediately devoured Abel’s huge cock as Robin was giving his hungry mouth a treat with Adrian’s rock hard cock. Abel and Adrian we so turned on by watching the others partner service their own cocks. Soon things switched up and Adrian was fast at work on Abel’s fat cock and Robin was eagerly servicing Brian’s fine piece of meat. Robin was soon in full glory when he had three hot cocks to service. One by one each man erupted his inferno of cum onto Robin as he massage each mans load into his body. What other secrets have Abel and Robin uncovered with Adrian’s messages in a bottle? Will Brian discover a new or darker side of his lover that he never knew about? Stay tuned.

6. Jalil Jafar, Donato Reyes, Valentino Medici, Tomas Friedel
When we last gazed upon our 2 hot couples they were in the middle of a game we like to call “PS – Partner Swap.” Now both couples have come together and exploring Valentino’s magnificent body. Tomas takes his lovers hot cock in his mouth as Jalil forces his throbbing cock into Valentino’s mouth. Donato spreads Valentino’s legs open and drives his cock all the way in as Valentino’s strains to accept his huge cock. Valentino and Donato position themselves on all 4s as Tomas fingers their perfect holes. Tomas then thrusts his hot cock into Donato as he sucks on Jalil’s hard cock. Valentino and Donato then face each other in order to enjoy some passionate kissing and some hard ass pounding from Jalil and Tomas. Jalil is taking advantage of Valentino’s perfect, tight pink hole as Tomas continues his invasion on Donato’s wet hole. Tomas and Jalil trade off and begin pounding away at their own partners well trained asses. Things get really interesting when Jalil gets down on all 4s as well and Tomas begins penetrating his hairy hole. Tomas then works his way down the line, fucking every hole in front of him. It’s a good day to Tomas! By the time Tomas reaches his lover, Valentino his cock cannot withstand the familiarity of that hot hole engulfing his cock and he quickly explodes his load all over his lovers ass. Tomas then reclines and one by one Jalil, Donato and Valentino all release their hot loads all over him. It truly is a good day to be Tomas! When was the last good party you were at?

7. Abel Pozsar, Adrian Toledo, Brian McNight, Robin Sanchez
We rejoin out 2 hot couples after Robin and Abel had tracked down Adrian after finding one of his secret desires in a floating bottle. Robin spits on his hard cock to make it that much juicer for Adrian to suck on as Abel fucks him and as Brian fucks Abel. Abel loves this position fucking and begin fucked at the same time that he kicks it into overdrive and rides both cock and ass as hard as he can. Needing a piece of the action Robin and Adrian switch up positions and Abel pounds away at Robin’s tight ass as Adrian swallows his hard cock. Abel has ridden Brian’s huge cock as hard and as far as he could until Brian had no choice but to blow his thick load all over Abel’s sweaty thighs. Feeling the hot load erupting from Brian’s huge mushroom head pushes Abel over the edge of ecstasy as he unleashes his creamy load all over Robin’s balls and ass. Adrian has the perfect viewing of this explosion and sends his load flying while still deep-throating Robin. Adrian then takes Robin to the point of no return as Robin’s gooey load flows across Adrian’s hungry lips and tongue. Set your desires and dreams free, you never know who may show up at your doorstep one day.

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