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William Higgins –Andre Losak –EROTIC SOLO (1080p)
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Released: 01 November 2018

Andre Losak is aged 19 and lives in Prague. This handsome, bespectactled str8 guy is a student who enjoys sports, particularly cycling and jogging. He looks so very good as he sits on the sofa for his interview. Then Andre lays along the sofa and begins to rub his hands over himself. He gropes his pants and lifts his tee shirt to expose some skin. Reaching under the tee shirt he feels his chest as the other hand gropes the pants. Then the tee shirt is removed and that sexy chest is fully revealed as the hands feel all over it. After another quick grope Andre opens his pants and slides a hand inside. He pushes the pants down to reveal the bulge in his underwear. He rubs the cock and balls through the underwear and then reaches inside. He wanks and rubs like that for a hwhile and then pushes down the underwear to expose his lovely hard cock. Taking hold of the big cock he wanks it. He keeps wanking as he feels his sexy chest. Andre then moves and raises his legs to show off his ass and the tight hole as he continues to wank his cock. Pulling on the ass cheeks he stretches his tight hole for us. That hole seems to open up a little as the hands pull at his ass cheeks. Then Andre drops his legs and returns to wanking himself. His rock hard cock looks so good as he wanks and soon it deliver a huge, squirting, cum shot. He milks that big cock dry of cum and goes off to the shower to clean up.

Actor: Andre Losak

Height: 190cm/6'2"
Weight: 83kg/182.6lb
Penis Size: 17cm/6.69"

Duration : 18 min 58 s
1920x1080 4088kbps
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